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May 2003
Released: 2003, Lion
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

In early 2003, Lion Music has released two discs that could be said to fall into the not-metal category. Both are instrumental trios who play progressive jazz/rock fusion and both releases are streamlined with minimal packaging. As these are stylistic departures for the label (and this site) I’m going to touch just briefly on these two releases as a public service announcement for our broad-minded fans. The other band is Hybrid Freak Division.

I’m not a big fan of jazz-fusion but was intrigued because of the involvement of ex-Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. He even dedicates it to his ol’ buddy Gar Sameulson. He adapts a style that is foreign and consequently unenjoyable to me. I’m sure it is very technically adept but just didn’t hold my interest. He does shred a little bit here and there which is always nice to hear, but not nearly enough for my tastes. The songs are fairly dark and moody reminding me at times of King’s X. The cover art adds to that atmosphere. I can hear a little bit of the compositional style that was found on Return to Metalopolis but only flashes here and there.

The drums are a little too far back in the mix and the whole production sounded a little muddy, which is odd because these projects usually are overproduced not the other way around. The liner notes tell us the drums were done live in one take! This was a decent disc but plainly just not my style, not heavy enough, not fast enough and too technical. It’s pretty damn impressive in a technical sense but my lack of taste for this style gives it a middle of the road grade. Fans of the style will certainly want to check this out at
Track Listing

1. Peanut Buddah
2. Where’s My Hat
3. Id
4. Love Song
5. Came to Believe
6. Between Us
7. Iguana
8. Sister Cheryl
9. Brandenberg Gate
10. Bastille Day
11. Mountain
12. Search For The Suicide King
13. Ohmage


Chris Poland-Guitar
Roberto Pagliari-Bass
David Eagle-Drums



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