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April 2016
Released: 2016, Diamonds Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Once in a while I will come across a band who put out a debut album that I absolutely love and then break up. I have to deal with the crushing disappointment and live with the constant agony knowing I may never hear new music from that band again. Well, perhaps I’m exaggerating but I’m sure there are times when we all think, ‘I wish those guys (insert band name here) made more than one album!’ Such is the case with Odyssea. I stumbled onto this Italian Power Metal bands debut album TEARS IN FLOODS (Scarlet Records) back in 2004 and just adored the record. It is still in regular rotation with me. I reviewed it for this site giving it top marks. So here we are over a decade later and suddenly the band have issued their sophomore album simply entitled STORM.

Naturally I was delighted to learn of the return of Odyssea and of course my expectations were high. Is STORM as good as the superb debut? Not exactly, but it is still a very strong album and I’m glad they are back. Odyssea continues on but in a slightly different form. Founded by guitarist, Pier Gonella they used to be a band. Now it is a bit more of a ‘project with no original members left. Gone is the magnificent voice of original vocalist, Carlo Faraci, one of the strengths of the debut. His main replacement is a fine singer in his own right, Roberto Tiranti who has a massive resume in some of the finest Italian Power Metal bands, most noticeably Labyrinth. However, STORM features no less than 23 guest musicians, including multiple vocalists, making it for a much less focused or sonically streamlined album compared to the debut. This lack of cohesion detracts from the magic of the debut. On the plus side STORM is like a roll call of the elite of Italian Power Metal; Mistheria, Del Vecchio, and Wild Steel all make an appearance.

STORM is still a great record in it’s own right. The twelve track album includes a pair of ‘sort of’ bonus tracks, an alternate version of ‘No Compromise’ and a remake of one of the better songs from the debut ‘Fly 2015’. There is some other continuity across the years with another aquatic / oceanic album cover art and a continuation of an instrumental track called ‘Apocalypse Part 2’. The addition of vocals by Giorgia Gueglio (Mastercastle) add a nice dimension, especially her ethereal and enchanting vocal solo at the beginning of the song ‘Ride’. The album is loaded with atmospheric, keyboard-driven Power Metal, perhaps the overall pace is a shade slower overall this time. The solos are flowing and the choruses are catchy and memorable. The spacey-science-fiction, futuristic keyboard lines are still fully present providing great atmosphere.

I’m delighted Odyssea are back and STORM is a worthy follow-up to an all-time favourite of mine. If this semi-obscure band passed you by last time, this is your chance to discover a classic Italian Power Metal album loaded with great songs and talent.
Track Listing

1. No Compromise
2. Anger Danger
3. Understand
4. Ice
5. Freedom
6. Galaxy
7. Storm
8. Ride
9. Tears of the Rain
10. Apocalypse Pt. 2
11. Fly (2015 version)
12. No Compromise (alt. version)


Roberto Tiranti - Vocals
Pier Gonella - Guitars



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