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Ode To Orpheus
On The Darkside Of The Sun
March 2014
Released: 2013, POLO Record Co
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Alternative rock meets progressive metal with some sub-par vocal work in the middle. Ode To Orpheus drops the ball pretty hard on their 2013 release “On The Darkside Of The Sun”. One thing I’ve noticed from the very beginning of this album: it is very repetitive. The songs all start off in the same general area; and that is with a very heavy chugging bass guitar line. Not a very complex riff, nor is it a particularly grinding or memorable experience. I will admit that it is catchy though and it definitely shows some potential.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I cannot hear the lead guitar enter very well. It sounds like the mastering is a bit off in this aspect. I say that because when the guitar solo does happen, you can hear it plain as day but the other instruments seem to get softer. (Hence mastering problems) As for the other instruments though, none of them really stick out too much. The drums are far too cymbal heavy. Generally in the metal world, it’s always nice to hear a very nice bass kick and a loud snare with the cymbals providing a nice overtone; this is the exact opposite. The cymbal screams over the top of the other percussive implements to the point that you just want to change the song.

The vocals in this album are interesting. I will not say they are amazing, nor will I say they are horrible. They are in a nice middle ground. You don’t have a lot of the screaming that you’ll find in other metal sub-genres, but rather you have a nice tenor voice which really does sound well against the instruments. Now, there is a problem I’ve noticed and that is when the singing goes into more of a rap metal stance. The singing will go off beat and it really bugs my brain to listen to it for too long. However, when singing the chorus, or when just singing at a normal speed, it is really well done.

Overall, not a great album but not a bad album either. On a good note though; this band would be great to see live. It seems like they really put a lot of energy into their work and that makes it for a live performance.

Review by JD
Track Listing

1. Road Rage
2. Agression
3. Creator
4. I Told You So
5. Stop
6. Garden Of Sin
7. Come Home
8. Nightmare
9. Peacemaker
10. Destiny
11. Darkside Of The Sun


Rick Ferrusi, Drums
Donald Shickle, Vocals
Mahlon Groom, Guitar
Jim Kirk, Guitar
Ray Scavo Jr: Bass

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