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October Tide
A Thin Shell
June 2011
Released: 2011, Candlelight Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

"A Thin Shell" is the third full release of the death/doom metal band October Tide. There has been an 11 year gap since Grey Dawn was released. October Tide returned in early 2010 with a new line-up consisting of Fred Norrman on guitars, Tobias Netzell on vocals, Robin Bergh on drums and Jonas Kjellgren as a session bassist. Jonas Renkse is no longer participating in October Tide.

The album starts off with the determined and powerful tracks “The Custodian Of Science” and “Deplorable Request” before slowing right down with the melodic instrumental “The Nighttime Project”. This slows the pace of the album right down very early on in the running order which seems a bit strange, however “Blackness Devours” starts off with some deep opening riffs and majestic roars from Fred and Tobias immediately put the album back on track. This pace continues through the final three tracks. “Fragile” is the most striking song on the album.

Tobias creates his own vocal style on this record and is not overshadowed by former vocalist Jonas Renkse. Each track does stand out at certain key bits; however there is no track that grabs me straight away. After listening to the album another 2 times it had revealed itself more and grown on me. If you enjoyed "Rain without End” then check out this album.

Reviewer: Shelia Hamilton
Track Listing

1. A Custodian Of Science
2. Deplorable Request
3. The Nighttime Project
4. Blackness Devours
5. The Dividing Line
6. Fragile
7. Scorned


Fred Norrman – Guitar
Tobias Netzell - Vocals
Robin Bergh – Drums
Emil Alstermark – Guitar
Pierre Stam – Bass

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