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Obszön Geschöpf
Symphony of Decay
November 2010
Released: 2010, Twilight-Vertrieb
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

First off, Obszön Geschöpf is false German: Correct spelling in German is Obszönes Geschöpf – meaning ´obscene creature´ in English.

Obszön Geschöpf is a 1-man project band that was formed in 1996 by a French musician Remzi Kelleci. Since the formation days of Obszön Geschöpf, Remzi has recorded 5 full-length albums on his own, of which his latest record carries the title, SYMPHONY OF DECAY.

SYMPHONY OF DECAY has absorbed elements from Industrial, Thrash and Death Metal into its own special soup, sort of bringing occasionally such names as UK´s Godflesh, Florida-based Industrial act Schnitt Acht as well as Canadian Industrial Death Metal act Inner Thought back to my mind. In a way, I tend to appreciate Remzi´s efforts to pursue his musical career alone in a studio environment – building up his own kind of monster within four walls – and giving it a specific sound that seems to love the harder sides of music in general. Remzi has clearly got an ear for some sharp and catchy song arrangements that have got lots of heavy enough balls around them. Obszön Geschöpf certainly ain´t any type of a band that one may come across every day; this project has been separated basically from everything that´s popular, or trendy within today´s Metal genre(-s). Remzi´s vocals are kinda one-dimensional, growled through the songs with a metallic and raw sounding vocal effect, serving however the songs´ main idea when it comes to blessing them with more cold Industrial Metal colors and flavors.

I pretty much enjoyed SYMPHONY OF DECAY as a wholeness, even if 67 minutes of this sort of ´controlled chaos´ of both Industrial and Metal pulled together, was probably a bit too much for me personally this time. I would still recommend Remzi´s Obszön Geschöpt to anyone who can openly tolerate and dig slices of sheer experiment in their daily dose of Metal music, too. Overall, pretty decent stuff here.
Track Listing

01. The Boogeyman
02. Night Stalker
03. Carnage in the Streets of L.A.
04. Zodiac
05. Secret Graveyard in the Garden
06. House of Wüstefeld
07. The Cauldron of the Human Flesh
08. Overkill 666
09. 33 Knife Thrust for a Satanic Crime
10. My Mother Is a Whore
11. The Devil Inside
12. How to Become a Killer With a Granny Dress
13. Bloody Icescream
14. Symphony of Decay
15. The Boogeyman (Remix by Skrew)
16. Carnage in the Streets of L.A. (Remix by Richard Thomas of Mushroomhead / Ventana) 02


Remzi Kelleci - Vocals and all instruments

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