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Obsidian Tongue/Infera Bruo
July 2015
Released: 2015, Bindrune Recordings
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Two bands, two slightly differing styles of black metal. This split from Massachusetts-natives OBSIDIAN TONGUE and INFERA BRUO offers listeners a great deal of variety in a number of ways.

On first listen, the obvious contrast is in the production: where OBSIDIAN TONGUE opt for the old-school and fuzzy approach, INFERA BRUO take on a cleaner, more modern sound. At face-value, it's a little jarring to hear and, were you to suspend the knowledge that you're listening to two bands here, you'd be contemplating having some choice words for the production engineer. It's only when you take the two tracks on offer as separate tracks entirely and with no stronger connection than the fact they sit side-by-side on a split album, are you able to fully appreciate them.

“Lake Redemption” is the track for those who like their black metal steeped in cold, bleak, harsh atmosphere – everything from the suffocating cleans, to the bitter metal blasts carries the darkest of tones and most ruinous of landscapes painted. Even the clean singing and guitar solo does nothing but add to the somber nature on offer – in fact, it is of huge benefit in adding an extra dimension to proceedings.

Conversely, “Reversing Tides” is a straighter black metal approach; faster, heavier and cleaner. It's by no means a prototypical two-minute blast – INFERNA BRUO love themselves some prog influences and they are certainly on show here. Meandering around discordant riff after discordant riff; they create quite an atmosphere, supplemented with quite the pleasant clean section towards the song's conclusion.

In an album of contrasts, the two tracks do sound very “opposite”. The variety alone would be enough to satiate a black metal fan's lust for all things grim, and would certainly please fans of each band. “Lake Redemption” carries the most grim nature of all, but would greatly benefit from the cleaner production of “Reversing Tides”, which stands further to the fore in one's mind. An interesting split well worth investing half an hour's time.

Review by: Lee Carter
Track Listing

1. Lake Redemption
2. Reversing Tides


Obsidian Tongue:
Greg Murphy – Drums,
Brendan Hayter – Vocals & Guitar.

Infera Bruo:
Philip "Ardroth" Trembley – Drums & Vocals,
Galen Baudhuin – Guitar & Vocals,
Germanicus – Synths,
Chris “Neutrino” Danecek – Bass & Vocals.

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