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Assassins Of The Pentagram
January 2015
Released: 2014, Evil Spell Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

After the debut “Blitzkrieg Battalion” (2011) and a couple of splits, the German black/thrash metallers Obsessör are back with the sophomore full-length “Assassins Of The Pentagram” which was released a few months ago by Evil Spell Records.

The album starts off with “Return Of The Usurper” containing an initial heavy metal melody that will burst out into a thrash metal soundscape delivered by a speedy guitar. The bass guitar is soon seen as an important component in Obsessör’s sound due to its well-arranged lines that will be heard during the entire record. Sometimes, the bass even possesses a life of its own by producing different riffs than the guitars themselves; in other occasions, the bass will simply mark the tempo alongside the drums.

In spite of the black metal approximation mainly because of the lyrical content, the heavy metal sonority is very present especially due to the melodic and acute solos that sometimes appear in the songs’ final part. The guitar riffs are majorly fast and sharpened with some technical details delivered by constant shredding.

The vocals wander between old-school black metal and thrash metal in which we will hear some conventional heavy metal squeaks. The typical growl of the underworld that usually starts a track or a stanza in a considerable amount of black metal songs is also replaced by those acute and strident screams. The choirs sung by a group of voices can be heard in some songs recalling the punk genre.

Regarding the drumming department, we are shaken by a fast aggressiveness which is broken by some drumming rolls. Still, we can attend to a roar of primary blast beats, like in the track “Devil's Soldiers” which is a cover song originally composed by their country fellows Destruction.

“Assassins Of The Pentagram” will haunt and hunt you during its 36 minutes of running time making you wear the full-patched vest and headbang till you have no strength. Or till you die, you choose it.

Reviewed by Diogo Ferreira
Track Listing

1. Return of the Usurper
2. Sacrificial Lust
3. Hordes of the Goat Kult
4. Necromancer
5. Fullmoon Procession
6. Black Speed Thunder
7. Possession of Witchery
8. Devil's Soldiers (Destruction cover)
9. Walpurgisnacht
10. Assassins of the Pentagram


Kremator - Bass
Artilleratör - Drums
Genözider - Guitars
Nekroschwanz - Vocals

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