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Obscure Oracle
In Death We Trust
April 2016
Released: 2015,
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This Texas based band left me some what confused, Formed by guitarist Danny David who called on Front man Rusty, after previously working together, to lead with his rare vocals and to write lyrics for the band. Front man Rusty Bartholomeo defiantly has a unique voice and I spent most of the album trying to work out if he was a women or a teenager that had a voice that had not broken, When I checked the bands photos to see he is a very impressive specimen of 'manly' man I wont lie I was shocked. In my head this did not really compute with what I was hearing, the first track sounds like a teenage punk tribute act, I felt the thrash metal label may have been a little misplaced, they do however get a little heavier over the next couple of tracks. The band is good but it all sounds a little like I have heard it before, they have a kind of Jekyl feel about them and maybe that is due to the uniqueness of Rusty Bartholomeo's voice, but it's not anywhere close to that level as far as range and skill goes. I fear this is one of those bands that would be epic live but it got lost in the recording studio, because they are one of those bands where half their skill is built with the atmosphere of being at the gig.

Finding something to say about this band other than the front mans unique vocals is difficult because they made absolutely no impact, I know it sounded ok while listening, but the track ends and I almost instantly forget what I just listened to, it is basically background music even when focused on listening really hard, I found my mind wondering making shopping lists or mentally rearranging my front room. It is a shame I felt I was missing something, they defiantly have potential but I am on the fence as to if that is good or bad potential. My advise if you can see them live do that and judge for yourself do not discount them on a couple of 'OK' tracks because we may all miss out on something great.

Reviewed By: Anita Lyons
Track Listing

1. Fear Among The Weak
2. Wasted Time
3. All That Is Not Lost
4. Pray For Nothing


Rusty Batholomeo - lead vocals
Danny David - lead and rhythm guitar
Adrian Troncoso - lead and rhythm guitar
Chris 'Crisis' Gather - bass guitar and backing vocals
Javi Rodriguez - Drums

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