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May 2011
Released: 2011, Lion Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

My esteemed colleague Anders wasn’t blown away by Overdrive’s 2008 comeback album, LET THE METAL DO THE TALKING. I missed that one but if that one is anywhere as good as ANGELMAKER, I’ll have to go buy it tomorrow. Of course Overdrive had a good run in the early 80’s and then scattered to the four winds. Canadian journalist, Martin Popoff in his book THE COLLECTORS GUIDE TO HEAVY METAL gave the bands 1984 album SWORDS AND AXES a perfect 10. I’m on-board, that was a pretty magical album (cassette actually) back in the day.

ANGELMAKER is album #4 for these experienced Swedes and while here in 2011 it might not carry the nostalgic appeal of their early albums in my youth, it is a really solid Metal record. Early press hype says this is the heaviest of the bands career and it sounds like it just might be true. Lyrically, sonically the band deliver a dark ton of Metal in just under an hour. The songs are all strong from the driving urgency of ‘I Know There’s Something Going On’ to the Maiden-esque opening galloping riffery of ‘Under The Influence’. The album caps of with the ambitious 10 minute long epic, ‘The Wavebreaker’ starting with a fine and understated vocal performance laced with some acoustic guitar before taking the listeners through a number of paces and moods driven by the crunchy guitar.

Everything is done well, good production, nice mix, and good vocals from Per Karlsson his rough n’ ready Rock/Metal voice leading the charge. Overdrive present cut after cut of no excuse, no apology NWOBHM inspired tunes that will delight any fan of Maiden, Priest, Riot, Saxon and other classic bands of that era.

The icing on the cake is the creepy cover art tying in with the title concept of the Angelmakers, a group of Swedish women in the 1920’s who were essentially paid to kill unwanted children! How Metal can ya get?
Track Listing

1. Signs All Over
2. In Gut We Trust
3. Angelmaker
4. I Know There's Something Going On
5. Under The Influence
6. On With The Action
7. See The Light
8. To Grow
9. Mother Earth
10. It’s A Thriller
11. Cold Blood Chaser
12. The Wavebreaker


Per Karlsson-vocals
Janne Stark-Guitar
Kjell Jacobsson-Guitar
Kenth Ericsson-Bass
Kenta Svensson-Drums

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