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Out Of The Lair
July 2004
Released: 2003, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Funny, in my review of Homoiratus’ latest CD this month, I lament the fact that there aren’t too many well-known metal bands from that band’s home country of Greece, and low and behold, here’s another one! Out of the Lair formed in Greece in 1995 and play a decidedly different style of metal from their aforementioned brethren’s death metal. Rather, PSYCHOTEARS is about as fine a slab of traditional melodic metal as you’ll ever need to hear this year.

Admittedly saddled with a somewhat demo-sounding production, the band more than makes up for it with damn good songwriting and a whole lot of energy. No time is wasted as the band quickly whips through a quick into and into the speedy riffs of “Flying Surf”, lead by their combination of chugging guitars and soaring vocals. Obviously this isn’t the most original recipe in the world but never ceases to be an effective one, providing that the songs are good; and with Out of the Lair, the songs are most definitely good.

Elsewhere on the album, just to add some spice, we get some guest growled vocals from Sakis of Rotting Christ. Don’t worry though melodic metal fans, his contributions are brief and sound great. There are also some brutal growls at the beginning of “Nosferatu” but they are gone just as quickly as they appear. Personally, I think the band should do a little more of this on future recordings, as it helps to separate the music from the clichés of melodic metal.

Truly, this isn’t album that should be overanalyzed. It’s simply meant to be put on at full-blast and headbanged to. Excuse me…
Track Listing

1) Intronoise-X
2) Flying Surf
3) G.O.D.
4) Nosferatu
5) Wolverine’s Knights
6) Vampire Lady
7) Last Time for Fire Child
8) Psychotears
9) Out of the Lair


George Kantzios: Bass
Dionysis Nikolaidis: Drums
Spyros: Guitars, Vocals
Dim: Guitars

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