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Out of Breath
February 2009
Released: 2008, Full House Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Finnish metallic hardcore invasion continues…Out of Breath, this 5-piece HC-thrash act which has caused some hot adrenaline rushes in a business city called Lahti, Finland, has got their debut mini-CD out on a relatively well-known Finnish punk/hardcore label Full House Records (which has been around for 10 hard-working years now). Just like so many other Finnish hardcore bands these days (eg. Worth the Pain and Ratface), also Out of Breath has incorporated more metallic elements into their sound than, let´s say, the legendary Finnish HC-bands (Terveet Kädet, Kaaos, Riistetyt, Äpärät, etc.) back in the golden days of Finnish hardcore (Finland was very known for its huge, quality hardcore bands worldwide during the early 80s).

In fact, Out of Breath´s powerfully punishing hardcore has been built around pretty heavy, piercing and ferocious thrash riffs more than anything. It´s again the vocal style that separates them from sounding like a fully armed thrash act, sort of gang-like vocal parts giving them true value as a hardcore band who doesn't give a slightest fuck about anything – lyrically kind of like moralizing about the current state of society with its corrupted politics, poverty and just about anything what´s wrong in this polluted world in general (as it can overall be assumed about the bands of this ilk). The stored hate and aggression that Out of Breath holds inside the band, erupt through their songs like a vicious volcano, and it sounds darn good, I must say.

Out of Breath also does similar, properly done leads like many thrash bands do, so even in that sense they will surely appeal a bunch of thrash metal diggers as well. Just tune your ears to a song titled “Cross the Line” in order to get proof of that.

I gotta admit I really liked this disc, even if it is only a 7-song mini-CD from Out of Breath, playing time being just about 14 minutes. Based on the killer quality of the songs on KFTB, I really look forward to hearing a full-length album from this wild bunch next.

Out of Breath rips – and a fuckin´ amen to that.
Track Listing

01. ####
02. Not Your Enemy
03. OOB
04. Cross the Line
05. Celebrate
06. Good Old Days
07. KFTB


Kimmo - Vocals
Mikko - Guitars
Ville - Guitars
Veikko - Drums
Jonne - Bass

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