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Over The Edge
Featuring Mickey Thomas
June 2004
Released: 2004, Frontiers Records / Atenzia Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Over The Edge is a new project featuring vocalist Mickey Thomas. Mickey is no newcomer to the business; he has released two solo albums - the first one in ‘77 and the second in ‘81. The solo albums didn’t do so well and back in 1979 he joined Jefferson Starship where he replaced two singers and he did great. He was the leading force that made the band change their name six years later into just Starship. In the mid 80’s Starship got some really huge hits in “WE BUILT THIS CITY” and “SARA” that was on the album “KNEE DEEP IN THE HOOPLA” from ‘85. From the album “NO PROTECTION” (87) came their other two monster hits “NOTHING GONNA STOP US” and “IT’S NOT OVER (‘TIL IT’S OVER). They released their final album “LOVE AMONG THE CANNIBALS” and from that album the hit “IT’S NOT ENOUGH” is taken. All of the members left Mr. Thomas alone and solely in charge of Starship’s future and from ‘92 Mr. Thomas toured as Starship featuring Mickey Thomas where he used different musicians and with no original members left at all.

Mr. Thomas is a busy man and he’s been a guest vocalist on Sammy Hagar’s album MARCHING TO MARCH from ‘98, he’s also joined forces with ex-Toto singer Bobby Kimball on ALL I EVER WANTED. In ‘99 he lent his voice to the main character in the cartoon film “The adventures of Kanga Roddy” which also won an Emmy the same year. Now is the long awaited return of Mickey Thomas and he’s involved with the project Over the Edge. This album impresses with songs written by Jack Blades (Night Ranger etc.), Neal Schon/Jonathan Cain (Journey), Freddy Curci (Alias) and Steve Cristol (Starship). Mr. Thomas hasn’t written any song on here. He has worked with some famous musicians (check the line-up). I don’t know where this was recorded but there are ten songs on the album and it’s produced by Fabrizio Grossi who also plays on the album. Mr. Grossi has managed to create a warm and melodic sound.

I am uncertain on how to best describe the music. The bio says that this is melodic rock but I would say that the music is melodic hard rock combined with melodic rock. There are some musical similarities with Journey but that’s maybe not so strange because two of the members from Journey have written and play on some of the songs here. Well, how does Mr. Thomas sound on the album then? He sure has his voice intact and sounds as strong as he did in the 70’s and 80’s. He has a heavenly voice straight through the album. He’s also surrounded by extremely competent musicians especially on solo guitar. “OVER THE EDGE”, “THIEF” and “SURRENDER” are some very melodic hard rock songs influenced by melodic rock. Mr. Thomas has the biggest part in the sound picture and everything revolves around him. This is brilliant and there are some really sharp guitars throughout the song. “ONE WORLD”, “FOREST FOR THE TREES”, “TURN AWAY” and “GLORY DAY” sound opposite from the songs previously mentioned. These songs sound more like melodic rock influenced by melodic hard rock. These are songs that could easily be played on the radio. “EYES WIDE OPEN”, “THE MAN IN BETWEEN” and “COVER ME” up tempo ballads with the first being a ballad straight through.

This project is a wet dream for everyone who’s into melodic rock combined with melodic hard rock. All of the songs are brilliant and Mr. Thomas still has the magic in his voice. The only minor thing is (as always) the cover. It looks dreadful and has nothing remotely to do with the music. Maybe there should be some more songs that could give this more of a melodic hard rock edge than just melodic rock?! Otherwise this is dazzling. The voice of Starship, Mr. Thoms, is back in a big way on this CD.

Labels: and
Track Listing

Over The Edge
One World
Eyes Wide Open
Forest For The Trees
The Man In Between
Cover Me
Turn Away
Glory Day


Mickey Thomas – lead vocals, b-vox
Briggs Brice – drums
Kenny Wilkerson – bass
Fabrizio Grossi – bass, keyboard, additional guitar, b-vox
Rob Vanni – solo guitar
JM Scattolin – solo guitar
Neal Schon – solo guitar
Richie Kotzen – solo guitar
Steve Lukather – solo guitar
Francis Benitez – b-vox
Josh Johnston – b-vox



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