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September 2011
Released: 2011, Sleaszy Rider Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

One thing is for certain, and that is there are no lack of Italian metal bands presently. I receive a new Italian disc weekly it seems and while I received REBIRTH sometime back, it has taken me awhile to weed through the pack to get to it. Overtures are a melodic metal band in the style of Helloween, Edguy and Rage instead of the more expected Rhapsody of Fire. Formed in 2003, the band released their debut album BEYOND THE WATERFALL in 2008 and in 2010 secured a major label deal with the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records. Performing as a five piece, REBIRTH is a welcome addition to the ever expanding pool of fine Italian metal.

Musically, the band is accomplished and the production is amazing. “Fly, Angel” is an uplifting track that showcases Michele Guaitoli’s wide vocal range, channeling vintage Michael Kiske while the track as a whole is a fine tribute to Helloween. Guaitoli’s also ventures into lower ranges where he sounds more like Peavy Wagner of Rage on “Here We Fall”. Another welcome surprise is the tasteful and restrained percussions of Andrea Cum, who foregoes the clichéd and expected indulgence of wasteful kick drumming in favor of actually supporting the song. Combine these things with plenty of weighty riffs, inspiring solos, cheerful, sugary choruses and you have all the ingredients for a fine melodic power metal album.

In sum this is where personal preference will come into play regarding how people accept this album. If you enjoy this style of music, then Overtures is a fine addition for your collection. Sure there are a few missteps, like the King Diamond influenced keyboard intro of “Delirium” and the often hero worship of Edguy and Helloween, but the talent and arrangements on the album are the real deal. I am extremely impressed, and I think the band will continue to evolve and carve a more original sound as they go on, but by any evaluation this is a fine addition to the melodic power metal genre.
Track Listing

01. Here We Fall
02. Fly, Angel
03. You Can’t Spit On Me
04. Delirium
05. Farewell
06. Not Too Late
07. The Prophecy
08. My Name Is Fear
09. Easy
10. Daemons
11. Not Too Late (acoustic)


Michele Guaitoli – Vocals
Marco Falanga – Guitars
Daniele Piccolo - Guitars
Andrea Cum - Drums
Luka Klanjscek – Bass

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