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Wrecking Everything: An Evening In Asbury Park (DVD)
May 2003
Released: 2002, Spitfire Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

If you have ever wondered how OverKill survived through the lean years in the 90’s when many of their peers in the thrash metal scene wussed out or gave it up, then you have to look to the band’s live performance. This would be best witnessed in the flesh of course, but second best is this live DVD, WRECKING EVERYTHING. This is not a simple best of package but is a 2 DVD set with the first DVD being the live gig with songs culled from the bands entire career. The second DVD is basically “Behind The Music” OverKill-style with candid interviews, comments, live clips from the band’s history, etc.

DVD #1 is the live performance from the Paramount Theater in “beautiful” Asbury Park, New Jersey. The picture quality, although wicked, may not match Iron Maiden’s live in Rio DVD, but this is not something most will notice or worry about as the brilliance of the performance shines through. There are 12+ camera angles whose footage are put together perfectly without jumping too much. The band’s energy and power is unstoppable. As well, a band couldn’t ask for a better crowd of thrash metal maniacs who bang along with the band for 2 full hours or 22+ songs. The light show is great except for a few places where they overuse the goddamn strobe lights!! If you are prone to flashing lights triggering a seizure, don’t see this DVD or see OverKill live. Yeah…I HATE strobes! The sound is very powerful and you can hear everything perfectly including the awesome shredding of lead guitarist David Linsk. My favorite moments were unsurprisingly for the songs that I love the most from OverKill. Some include “I Hate”, “Elimination”, “Hello From The Gutter”, “Evil Never Dies”, “Coma”, “In Union We Stand”, “Necroshine”, “Thunderhead”, etc…hell just about everything is on here. Sure, I could be a whiny bitch and complain that something like “Thanx For Nothing” or whatever is also not on here. You can never entirely please every single person. But this performance as a whole will please OverKill fans OLD and NEW.

This DVD package is for true OverKill fans, especially the second DVD. If you are a casual fan then you might not find this as exciting to watch. They call this 90-minute documentary on DVD #2 “Batmen: The Return”. The interviews and other offstage moments were the best. Some of the live clips played too long considering that they are of very poor quality. You’d think with a 20-year history that they’d have more quality footage to use for this!! They spend some time talking about past members and line-up changes as well as record labels, the metal scene, etc. Just one of the many moments I related too was when D.D. said something quite funny – “I listen to metal all the time. What the hell is with these people who play metal, but go home and listen to jazz or classical? That’s horseshit! In my house it’s metal…” A couple more related quotes from D.D. include “What about these people who say they outgrow metal? How?!?! How do you outgrow metal?” and “What about those people who say - I don’t like metal anymore? Huh? How can you like it, then not like it anymore?” Classic! Blitz also makes it very clear that the band does not subscribe to the “rock star” mentality. They present themselves as one of US. They are metalheads like you or I and hearing and seeing the way they present themselves on here made me respect them even more.

The second DVD also contains a section called “Behind The Scenes” (of the gig at Asbury Park) which could have been done better. They show a sound check but from what I could tell they don’t let us hear it. The best part is when they take the camera outside the venue prior to the show to talk to some rabid, over the top, OverKill fans. Some of it is a bit silly with people saying stuff like “OverKill are the best fucking heavy metal band fucking EVER” or one dude who is asked something about if he likes a lot of thrash metal and he says, “No, only OverKill”. Yes it’s great that OverKill has such a loyal following, but there are other bands out there that kick ass too! The best comment was some dude saying “Hello from the gutter. Fuck You!” and then walks away. Haha! There is also a photo gallery on here that I didn’t bother to look all the way through. I can press pause on the concert and basically see the same stuff, so I don’t see the point in DVD photo galleries unless they are really something insane.

OverKill has released pretty much a perfect DVD package. Obvious time and thought went into this and the Wrecking Everything Live's tracklisting is different than that of their 1995 double live WRECKING YOUR NECK LIVE. If you are an OverKill fan then this is a MUST have. So enough rambling on from me, just buy the damn thing!
Track Listing

01. Necroshine
02. Thunderhead
03. Evil Never Dies
04. Deny The Cross
05. Wrecking Crew / Powersurge
06. Gasoline Dream
07. I Hate
08. Coma
09. Shred
10. Hello From The Gutter
11. Bleed Me
12. Long Time Dyin'
13. It Lives
14. Battle
15. Spiritual Void
16. The Years Of Decay
17. In Union We Stand
18. Overkill
19. Horrorscope
20. Rotten To The Core
21. Elimination
22. Fuck You / War Pigs


Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth – vocals
DD Verni – bass
Derek Tailer – guitar
Tim Mallare – drums
Dave Linsk – guitar

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