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We The Dead
September 2014
Released: 2014, Metal On Metal Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Germany's long standing blackened thrash institution Outrage return with WE THE DEAD their seventh full length record since reuniting after a sixteen year hiatus in 2004 and the follow up album to 2011's aptly titled "Go To Hell".

The pulsing horror film like synthesizer intro of "11:59 - Eye For An Eye" briefly builds before kicking into high gear with neck breaking fury, as buzzsaw guitars and guttural growls work in tandem with double bass drum blasting force. The Satanic thrash of "Kill Snow White" is next and sounds like a bloody twelve car pileup at the corner of Sodom Boulevard and Destruction Street.

"The Biggest Wrench" is a circle pit summoning call to arms for thrash enthusiasts, you guys hear this one and you're bound to bang your head like a damned madman in a frenzy of air drumming and fist pounding."Death From Behind" reminds me a bit of early Unleashed with it's bat out of hell tremolo picking and frantic pace amidst shouts and grunts of the unholiest of varieties. I bet these guys' shows are a blast to catch live.

Outrage prove they can slow things down without compromising their brand of skull crushing metal on tracks like "Be That As It May" and "Chastiser". "Sepia Eyes / Birth To The Flame" alternates between punishing ten ton riffs and decimating D-beat crossover thrash. At times the guttural, blackened bark of vocalist Frank P. reminds me of the late Dissection vocalist Jon Nödtveidt and I mean that as a compliment. The title track of WE THE DEAD is saved for last and is a ride cymbal heavy march onwards to death. This track in particular bares a strong Venom influence and serves as a fitting album closer.

Metal On Metal Records spared no expense providing some top notch packaging for WE THE DEAD with a deluxe booklet featuring artwork courtesy of label owner Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi, band photos and cryptic artwork on glossy foil prints. The production of Thomas Mrochen at Inner Ear Studio works well for this release. WE THE DEAD sounds dirty and mean but also probably a notch above many other current underground thrash releases, sonically speaking. I would recommend this CD to all fans of blackened thrash metal and Teutonic thrash in general.
Track Listing

1. 11:59 - Eye For An Eye
2. Kill Snow White
3. The Biggest Wrench
4. Be That As It May
5. The Elemental War
6. Death From Behind
7. The Iron Door
8. Sepial Eyes/ Birth To The Flame
9. Chastiser
10. Spherical
11. Delos
12. We The Dead


Frank P. - Vocals
Udo F. - Guitars
Raffa G. - Bass
Yannick A. - Drums



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