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October 2007
Released: 2007, Bodag Music/CMM W. Rott
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

With 25 years and 14 albums under their belts, it’s time for the legendary thrashers Overkill to release their 15th album. The band has had its ups and downs, but their latest album RELIXIV restated their top position in the thrash metal genre.

Just like their previous album, IMMORTALIS is a grinding journey in thrash. Blitz roars his vocal parts and he sounds as angry as always. The most distinctive change is that the tempo has been slowed down and they are mixing their patented thrash metal with some heavy metal. But it’s still just as heavy and mean as always.

The album kicks off with “Devils in the Mist”, which is an excellent old-school thrash song with a lot of energy and tempo; it’s the perfect opening track. Then we have the kick-ass “What it Takes”, “Skull and Bones”, “Shadow of a Doubt”, “Head On”, “Charlie Get your Gun” and “Overkill V …the Brand”, which all fall in the same vein as the opening song. “Hellish Pride”, “Walk through Fire” and “Hell Is” are slower but still heavy songs with the focus more on the heavy metal parts of the album. Even though the tempo has been slowed down you can still hear that it’s Overkill and they all have potential to be hit songs.

There’s nothing to remark upon when it comes to the production. It feels dangerous, strong and heavy as led. The band produced the album themselves and after so many years in the business I guess they know exactly how they want the album to sound.

It’s an excellent album and all fans of the band have a treat to look forward to. IMMORTAL is really good and proof of that Overkill is still ahead of their game. Killer tracks are “Devils In the Mist”, “What It Takes”, “Hellish Pride”, “Head On”, “Charlie Get Your Gun”, “Hell Is” and “Overkill V..The Brand”.
Track Listing

1. Devils In the Mist
2. What It Takes
3. Skull and Bones
4. Shadow of a Doubt
5. Hellish Pride
6. Walk Though Fire
7. Head On
8. Charlie Get Your Gun
9. Hell Is
10. Overkill V…The Brand


Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth – lead vocals
DD Verni – bass, b-vox
Dave Linsk – guitar
Derek Tailer – guitar, b-vox
Ron Lipnicki – drums

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