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Outre Tombe
Demo 2012
December 2013
Released: 2012, HSP Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

This month I had the good fortune to be contacted by an up & coming Canadian record label, HSP Productions. This Quebec-based outfit has been slowly gaining some traction in the metal underground, and sent me six of their most promising releases for review. Those are: Demonolator, Hell Crucificator, Iapethos, Outre Tombe, Sights of War, and Svalbard. Please feel free to check them all out this month.

In this awesome little corner of music we call heavy metal, things are as diverse as ever, and getting more so all the time. It’s comforting, then, when bands come along and just want to rock the shit out of their instruments, without a care in the world for technicality or abstruse concepts. Enter Bastien, Quebec’s Outre Tombe.

If you need a break from slickly produced music and love your filthy old-school heavy metal, then these guys are for you. The four songs that make up DEMO 2012 are scuzzy metal at its 1982 best, vying with the likes of Tank, and more specifically Slayer. I mean shit, there’s even a hellhound on the cover! Needles to say, the Slayer influence is quite obvious here, but with more vitality than King and Araya have displayed on record in many a year. I’m not saying that Outre Tombe are the second coming or anything, but for a self-released demo, this is solid stuff.

Musically, this is full-speed-ahead thrash metal, topped with ragged shouted vocals. The band does try to inject a little bit of dynamics into things with a slow, sludgey intro to “Les Chiens De Tindalos”, but that only lasts about a minute before breaking into another speed assault, complete with a scream lifted from Tom Araya circa 1986. The fact that the entire thing is hollered in French just adds to the out of control nature of the disc (check out the barely-staying-on-the-rails “Commando”).

Look, there’s nothing particularly mind-blowing here, and there’s damn sure no ideas fresher than 1986, but I’ve had a blast listening to this thing, and you should too. This is one for the underground.
Track Listing

1. D'Outre-Tombe
2. L'Engeance Du Démon
3. Commando
4. Les Chiens De Tindalos


Fred: Vocals, Bass
Cobra: Guitar
Vitesse: Drums



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