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Wrecking Everything!
July 2002
Released: 2002, Spitfire Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I love it when I am right. When Overkill (Bobby) decided to part ways with CMC who got swallowed by Sanctuary, they said they didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle in a large roster of bands. Fair enough. Along comes Spitfire. I suggested that would see an increase of "kill material in the very near future." Out now, a new Live CD, a new double Best of any week now (which the band has publicly stated they do not endorse) and still on tap a new studio CD by the end of the year. Three Overkill releases in a year is overkill, or is Overkill overkill an oxymoron? Regardless, I love it when I’m right.

Anyway, politics and business aside, this Live CD kicks ass. With Megadeth, Ozzy and Maiden all putting out sub-standard to poor Live releases this year, those giants could do well to stick their head back into the metal underground and take a few pointers from Overkill how to do a Live CD.

Disappointingly not a double CD (but the DVD will have another 7 or 8 tunes, the full show I understand) but the band stated they didn’t want to duplicate things that have been done before Live (unlike Maiden and Ozzy) which is fair enough. So we end up with six of the thirteen songs pulled from the last four studio releases and the rest plucked from the vaults from over the years going all th eway back to the debut. The remaining “unreleased” tunes were apparently the “hits” so this is a very cool CD in terms of track selection. Thirteen tunes and 71 minutes long is still a good deal, keeping in mind KISS-Alive was a mere 78 minutes.

Recorded in front of the hometown crowd this CD plays like you are there and part of the intimate, home-crowd of NJ metal fans. Bobby’s stage banter is good as is crowd feedback, despite maybe mixed a tiny bit too low for my liking. In terms of packaging the band leaves behind the traditional green in favour of the hot red’s and orange’s of the live setting. The whole CD is full of great live shots (Bobby is ripped!) over 30 in fact and it is disconcerting to see D.D. without his ultra-curly long looks. I know he has had short hairs for three or four years but I still can’t get used to it. No lyrics but there are a few liner notes and so on.

Musically the band is very tight, new guitarist Derek Tailor (Guitarist #7) is a welcome addition that was missed during the recording of Bloodletting. In fact, I think Bloodletting was the first ‘kill CD in 10 years not to have two guitarists in the studio. Mr. Tailor handles the material, new and old very nicely. Musically, sonically the bands kicks ass, the band is tight and heavy as hell, fast in all the right places, damn I wish I was at this show, but this CD will have to do.

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