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October 2010
Released: 2010, Heaven and Hell Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Overlord were/are a traditional heavy metal act from Ontario, Canada formed way back in 1984. Between 1985 and 1993 the band released an EP, four demos and a self-released career spanning retrospective. Heaven and Hell Records has taken all of Overlord's previous recorded output and slapped it all together much in the same fashion as the excellent Twisted Tower Dire re-issues from a few years back. Now heavy metal collector's can get every demo, every song in one compact release.

It would seem that the tracklisting is in appropriate chronological order, beginning with "X-Rated Man" taken from Overlord's self-titled four song debut EP and continuing in order up to "Never Enough" from the band's most recent demo, and by recent I mean 1993. Rounding things out is a track called "Ran

Away" which does not appear to be on any previous Overlord release, so that should serve as some incentive for fans of the band who may be reluctant to throw down for a re-issue if they already own the original recordings.

Most importantly, musically speaking what we have here is bare bones production value coupled with well performed and constructed heavy metal. I would be quick to point out that this kind of release isn't for everyone. If you can't get enough metal, if you collect band patches for your denim vest and alphabetically organize your vinyl collection -- you would do well to check this out. This isn't over the top however. Overlord lack the charisma and pyrotechnics of their more popular eighties counterparts. An easy analogy would be Overlord are to Anvil what Jaguar are to Judas Priest. A fun release, soaked in the kind of headbanger nostalgia that could only be born unto the eighties.
Track Listing

1. X-rated Man
2. Messiah Comes
3. Distant Orphan
4. (Prelude) Endless Sun
5. Walk Softly
6. Midnite Flight
7. Nice Life
8. The Storm
9. White Witch
10. Desert Door
11. Subterranean Spiral Dance
12. Mind Slide
13. Wings of Stone
14. White Lightning
15. Never Enough
16. Ran Away


Jim Feeney - Vocals
Colin Wilkinson - Vocals
Mark Platt - Guitar
Branko Zugaj - Bass
Barry White - Drums
Dario Rubini - Drums
Jim Casson - Drums

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