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November 2000
Released: 2000, Metal-Is
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Overkill are back with a storm bringer of an album!! In my opinion, Bloodletting is the album that should of come out after WFO. These past few years has seen Overkill take on a heavy groove sound - the product of a thrash band worshipping at the Sabbath alter a little too much. For me thrash is about speed and aggression not groovin' and doomy sounds. Overkill therefore deliver on this CD. The guitars are 100 times better, the vocals are as always (cool) the drumming is over the top with many thrash beats and double this IS Overkill, this is the band I remember and loved. Bloodletting is the product of founders D.D. Verni (bass) and vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth. Joining them is their longtime drummer Tim Mallare and a new guy on guitars - Dave Linsk. I have to say All hail Dave Linsk, the new blood and possibly the savoir of this band. His riffing and soloing sound very mature and fit in perfectly with the Overkill sound.

The CD kicks in with the aptly titled "Thunderhead." It's followed by two punches that will knock out anyone who thinks Overkill's glories are only in the past. However, the song that really takes the cake for me is "Death Comes Out To Play." After the first verse/chorus in comes a triplets thrash part that is totally old school but totally refreshing to hear Overkill doing. The breakdown part at 2:30 is to put it simply - godly... "the hand of fate has dropped me, be not afraid" is belted out in a near Halford scream... drool!! "My Name Is Pain" has a totally intense intro followed by some really cool choppy rhythms which are mimicked and perfectly in time with the kick drums sounding very, very tight. The weak songs on Bloodletting are few, but "Let It Burn" is not one of my favs on's too slow, too groovy but it does have good vocals.

Finally another Overkill album worthy of it's classic predecessors. An album that can stand alongside Overkill's history with pride and one that has re-interested me in this band once again.

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