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Order of Ennead
October 2008
Released: 2008, Earache Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Order of Ennead takes its name from the Ennead - according to ancient lore, the 9 mythical deities said to have given birth to modern civilization.

Order of Ennead is also better known as Steve Asheim´s new band (also pounding his drums of doom in Deicide). He has teamed up with Kevin Quirion (on vocals and guitars, ex-Council Of The Fallen), Scott Patrick (on bass, Resurrection), and the 19-year-old guitar rookie John Li, who is responsible for the amazing lead work on the band´s self-titled debut album.

I have to admit that I´m honestly quite impressed by Steve´s new incarnation of evil with Order of Ennead. The band´s blend of technical death metal, black metal (it´s actually Kevin´s vocals that mainly bring in that effect for this album) - with slices of thrash even, is introduced in fine form, in which a good amount of intriguing and tastefully done melodies haven´t completely been forgotten either.

On this relatively impressive 11-song effort, Order of Ennead don´t hesitate to go to breath-taking speeds within their songs that are balanced with neck-breaking walls of heavy, target-hitting riffs, some acoustic passages, piano interludes - and beautifully crafted guitar leads that John has conjured up from somewhere for the songs. In John´s case we could even talk about some inborn guitar virtuoso as his lead work is nothing but simply amazing thoroughly. His leads are highly enjoyable to listen to; the same way like Dave Suzuki captures your ears in Vital Remains with his phenomenal lead wizardry.

Steve breathes fire and brimstone behind his drum battery like a hardened slayer of angels on the verge of Armageddon (Read: You do know what this man is capable of when playing drums - don´t you?). Kevin Quirion manages to sound like a wicked demon from Hell. In fact, there´s something in his raspy voice that reminds me of Angel Gossow´s (Arch Enemy) vocal delivery a little bit here and there, if some of you need some point of comparison. Wrapped up with the other instruments´ lethal and intense delivery, nothing can stop you from becoming familiar with this band and album, definitely worth your curiosity and interest. Order of Ennead are a new and talented force in extreme metal circles that one won't forget once familiar with them. I was darn impressed - and I bet, you´ll be too.
Track Listing

01. Seeking the Prophets
02. Reflection, an Endless Endeavor
03. As Long As I Have Myself I Am not Alone
04. The Culling
05. Introspection and the Loss of Denial
06. Conferring with Demons
07. As If a Rose I Wither
08. An Interlude with Reason
09. A Cry to the Perilous Sun
10. Prelude to Ruin
11. Dismantling an Empire


Kevin Quirion - Vocals and guitars
John Li - Lead guitars
Scott Patrick - Bass
Steve Asheim - Drums

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