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Beyond Omega
January 2017
Released: July, Camp Yeti
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Oracle certainly don't mean to fuck around here Ladies and Gentleman, when your first song contains the words of none other than H.P. Lovecraft you have pretty much set a level that you cannot back down from. "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even Death may die." A bold beginning for a debut album, Many have trodden this path before, and the words of the Necronomicon are not to be taken lightly, so are they capable of taking the name of The Book of The Dead in vein or are they just kidding themselves..

Well the answer is yes, this is some damn good shit, so much so that you may have a hard time believing that this is a debut album. Extreme Metal, bah I get sick of labels, Oracle have delivered an album that effectively defies a tag, is as heavy as I could imagine the sin of gluttony would look like,and keeps you guessing. Many parts are familiar, others not so, creating an album that is unlike anything I have heard in a long time. Morbid Angel spring to mind, then Gojira, then Amon Amarth, but then they are just fleeting glimpses, then another, then another. Somehow these unseasoned fledgling musicians have created an album worthy of a band with ten times their experience.

I am as stunned as you will be. Whatever magnetic force brought these people together needs to be harnessed for the better of Mankind, yes two of them are related, maybe a relative did their first video as well, but fuck me you need this in your little shitty world, promise it'll make you smile. Every listen gives so much more.

Cthulhu has spoken. Bow down before his Majesty and be devoured knowing you have heard this.
Track Listing

1. Aeons of Madness
2. There will be Blood
3. Beyond Omega
4. Nocturnal Creatures
5. By the Hands of Aestrea
6. On the Wings of a Martyr
7. Beneath the Crimson Veil
8. Tomb of Serpents
9. The Cleansing
10. Blood Stained Epitaph


Jason Long - Guitar and Vocals
Trey Ozinga - Bass
Ray Ozinga - Drums

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