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State of War
April 2006
Released: 2006, Self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Swedish old school thrashers Oppression are back! "And so what...?" might some pseudo-intellectual smartass ask. Well, what I find fine in this band is the fact the Oppression guys have somewhat nicely managed to capture the ´80s spirit and vibe into their sound. That´s quite a lot in my holy books of metal as a matter of speaking. Oppression performs such a calibre old school Thrash Metal that deceptively makes you to think their stuff has been put together in the ´80s when all Death Angel's, Anthrax's, Nuclear Assault's, etc. were on the top of their success and making a pretty nice career for themselves. It makes me to believe that Oppression were also somewhere there, trying to make some advantage of that successful movement back in the day, but for some odd reason never made it.

With STATE OF WAR, the band´s recent 4-track effort, the guys in Oppression have pushed the pedal of ´determined-to-success´ even harder - and I honestly gotta believe they will make it this time. However, I have to assume you happen to like from Death Angel´s FROLIC -era to Dark Angel to Vio-lence in a good mixture? Then you should definitely sacrifice a moment of your time for Oppression simply because it´s gonna be worth it... guaranteed! Oppression´s Vio-Death´n´Dark-Angels -flavored Thrash Metal appeals undoubtedly many old school Thrash Metal maniacs, kind of providing them an opportunity to relive the 80´s magical feeling all over again and leave them in a fullfilled state of full satisfaction afterwards. That´s what happened to me anyway. Since the band´s very promising 3-song T.P.A.S. demo, Nicklas Andreasson has stepped out from the band and his place has taken Olof Wikstrands behind the microphone. Even if I liked Nicklas´ voice a lot - and his Don Doty-like vocalism on Oppression´s previous demo, I think Nicklas is at least as good vocalist with his Mark Osequeda type of imprint in his vocal performance in these new Oppression songs - if not even better. It just depends on which side you are more on, Don´s or Mark´s.

I personally got lots of pleasure by listening to this absolutely well-made old school sounding Thrash Metal demo from these 5 relatively young Swedish fellows. The song arrangements are really good and thought-out, having enough ideas to carry the band on the next level in their well started path toward more successful and better times. Take for example the second song off the demo, called "Infected Youth". It´s - in a twisted way, a peaceful and beautiful symbiosis of catchy Thrash riffs, well churned out guitar leads, excellent both lead - and backing vocalism by the courtesy of the whole Oppression -team - and it´s meant to go straight through the heart and soul of every old school Thrash -digger for sure. There´s also lots of familiar Vio-lence and Death Angel influences in present in this tune, so the song cannot be bad.

The last song "Forced into Fire" does the same; and you simply cannot escape the feeling of feeling satisfied and simply great afterwards. These guys can truly Thrash, the old school way!

So, let me predict next if Oppression won´t get a record deal with their latest, definitely pleasing 4-song Thrash grenade by the end of the year, I promise to sign them myself and release an album with them. Sounds fair enough, doesn´t it? ;o)
Track Listing

01. State of War
02. Infected Youth
03. Path to Consequence
04. Forced into Fire


Olof Wikstrands - Vocals
Tor Nyman - Guitar & backing vocals
Jocke - Guitar & backing vocals
Fredrik Petersson - Bass & backing vocals
Jakob Strand - Drums

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