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Book Of Opeth (Book Review)
June 2016
Released: 2016, Rocket 88
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

More and more bands who are celebrating milestones and anniversaries are publishing books and I love it. Many, many Metal bands have done special anniversary albums or DVD's or one-off concerts but a book takes it to a whole other level. Opeth has always been a band that takes it to a different level to it is quite appropriate that for their 25th anniversary they have published BOOK OF OPETH. For the record, I'm reviewing the standard version. I like Opeth, but they are not my all time favourite band. Everyone has a budget and $500.00 Canadian dollars for the Ultimate Edition is just out of my price range but I'm sure die-hard Opeth fans would not even blink at getting the deluxe version.

As I mentioned there are more and more of these excellent coffe-table books being published, I must have reviewed a couple dozen in the past few years on this site. One thing I noticed is that they are, almost exclusively, really well done. BOOK OF OPETH is no exception with a nice padded hardcover, high gloss, quality stock paper, and that little silk bookmark thing inserted into the binding, so you can keep your spot in the 208 pages. Housed inside the front the cover is a two-song vinyl single containing live versions of ‘Atonement’ and ‘Demon Of The Fall’ both recorded in Sweden in 2012. After I had got the book I got an e-mail from the publisher saying, as a paying customer I could log on to their site and download a digital version of the vinyl, which I thought was an excellent customer service enhancement. Well done Rocket88!

The visuals are magnificent, there so many pictures, candid, live, photo-shoot and more I can’t even count. It was neat to see they early shots of the band and their earlier Death Metal roots but also the early hippie / progressive look as well, indicating that they would not be confined to the realms Death Metal for long. The narrative, comprised largely of quotations from the various members, as expected covers the entire history of the band. As I said in my opening paragraph I’m not an ardent worshipper at the throne of Opeth so most of this information is new and exciting for me. I can’t compare my experience to that of a truly committed Opeth fan, perhaps the information in the book is old news but I get the feeling they really opened their vaults and diaries to give something extra to the fans. There were many stories, little bits of insight, tales of recording, playing shows, touring and more, the book is exhaustive. The final touch is an incredibly comprehensive discography. It includes everything as well as a commentary from likely the world’s #1 Opeth collector and brief comments from Travis Smith about the various pieces of art he did that would grace several album covers.

Perhaps the only reason I didn't give BOOK OF OPETH a perfect score because the ultimate version probably would get that rating. This is another superb addition to the long line of and growing catalogue of luxury style Metal books and of course the true Opeth fan will own this.

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