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One Way Mirror
One Way Mirror
August 2008
Released: 2008, Metal Blade/Border Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

One Way Mirror started out in 2006 when a group of friends decided to form the ultimate rock/metal act. The friends I’m talking about are a bunch of well known musicians within both the French music scene as well as the rest of the world. We have Bideau from Mnemic on vocals, Verbeuren from Soilwork on drums, Colin from Scarve on bass and the Potvin-brothers from Lyzanxia on guitars. They all know each other from having touring together through the years.

This ultimate rock/metal act plays a hard to define music style. Think modern melodic death metal. Add influences of heavy rock and mallcore and top if off with keyboard layers and a tight and heavy rhythm section, then you have One Way Mirror. Bideau varies between singing in an ordinary style and singing in a very aggressive way, both ways sounds brilliant. The music has similarities with the music of Soilwork, Mnemic, Lyzanxia, Dark Tranquility, In Flames and Darkane.

One Way Mirror runs through 11 songs. One of the songs is a cover of the old Frankie Goes To Hollywood song “Relax” which they have managed to make their own. The way they wrote the songs is a little bit unusual. The guys met up in a studio and simply partied for two weeks and tried to write songs and believe it or not, after those two weeks all the 11 songs written and ready to record. All of the songs aren’t of the same standard but I do have to point out a few that stands out. Those are “Destination Device”, “As You Are Now”, “Danger Calling”, “Keeping Me Away”, “Sockracer” and “21st Century”.

All of the mentioned songs are really heavy and well played melodic death metal songs with heavy rock influences. As I wrote earlier the band has really managed to make “Relax” sound like a song of their own and they have given the song a heavy and much harder approach with tons of sharp guitars that actually fit the song really well.

The drums were recorded in the Dug-Out Studio in Sweden by Daniel Bergstrand while the rest was recorded in Lyzanxia’s own studio Dome Studio and Bideau’s studio Dog In The House Studio. Bideau and David Potvin has produced the album and what can I say but that the guys have done a great job. The production brings out both the heaviness and the melodic parts in the music in a brilliant way. They haven’t compromised a bit with the heaviness in order to make it more melodic. The only thing I have to make a remark on is the mallcore influences that sometimes are too obvious and take up too much space.

One Way Mirror has released a strong debut album but there are still things that the band has to work on. For the next album I hope that the band can come up with a little more varied material. As it is now the material is strong yes, but I don’t think it’s varied enough. Many of the songs sound a little to much like each other. And please skip the mallcore influences; it’s never good to incorporate anything that’s even familiar with mallcore music in a song or album. I really hope that One Way Mirror is not a one-time fling as I am really looking forward to hearing more from them.
Track Listing

Destination Device
As You Are Now
Danger Calling
Empty Spaces
Deprived Of Connection
Keeping Me Away
21st Century


Guillaume Bideau – lead vocals
David Potvin – lead guitar
Franck Potvin – rhythm guitar
Dirk Verbeuren – drums
Loic Colin – bass

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