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Omnium Gatherum
Years In Waste
December 2004
Released: 2004, Nuclear Blast / Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Omnium Gatherum started out in Karhula, Finland in 1996 and from 1997 to 2001 they released several demos which got them really good response in the underground circles. In 2002 they released the MCD STEAL THE LIGHT and the year after came the debut came called SPIRITS & THE AUGUST LIGHT. On the debut the band took on a more hard and heavier direction but yet still sophisticated, melodic and progressive side that apparently the band always have had, something that I can’t judge ‘cause I never heard them before.

The pressures were high in the studio because when Omnium Gatherum already were recording a new album in Sonic Pump Studio with engineer Nino Laurene and producer Teemu Aalto their label Raging Achilles discontinued their releasing business and could not pay the studio bill. So the band had to start searching for a new label or otherwise they would have to pay the whole bill themselves. After a few weeks, they luckily got signed by Nuclear Blast.

The band has been out on the road with Children of Bodom and Zyklon and have built up their fanbase by testing the new songs live. The biography I was given describes this as melodic death metal and compares them with Swedish acts like Soilwork, The Haunted, Opeth and In Flames. That doesn’t make sense to me at all. I would rather say that this is very technical melodic death metal with a lot of calmer parts but also with a lot of riffing, guitars and keyboards. On top of that we have an aggressive vocalist and a lot of tempo changes. In other words this music is very complex so the musicians are really skilled here.

The production and soundscapes are awesome and at the top of the mix we once again find sharp guitar and high class vocals. The band has put ten tracks on this album and all of the material feels equally strong.

I think that Omnium Gatherum have delivered a really strong album. In fact, this could be one of the strongest albums in this genre this year. You have to take the time to listen to it because there are a lot of details in the music that can get lost if you don’t. As soon as you do that you’ll find that this is really strong, well played melodic death metal. This is Finnish steel at its best! This is something that’s really worth checking out if you’re into melodic death metal or if you want to have a new band to follow.

Killer tracks are all of the songs and the more you listen to the album the greater it gets. Once again, YEARS IN WASTE must be one of the greater albums this year so far.
Track Listing

1. The Fall Went Right Through Here
2. Waste Of Bereavement
3. Misanthropic (Let The Crown Fall)
4. Black Seas Cry
5. It’s A Long Night
6. No Moon & No Queen
7. Gravesilence
8. The Nolan’s Fati
9. More Withering
10. Auguries Gone


Antti Filppu – lead vocals
Jarmo Pikka – drums
Markus Vanhala – guitar
Harri Pikka – guitar
Jukka Perälä – keyboards
Janne Markkanen – bass

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