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Callous Kagathos
August 2008
Released: 2008, Metal Mind Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Those Polish metal legions come and rule again... Naumanchia, which is just one of those countless and talented Polish extreme black/death metal bands coming from that country nowadays. They have got their 2nd album out titled CALLOUS KAGATHOS, and if you think the band follows the same successful steps as such Polish leaders in death metal as Behemoth and Vader, then you´re wrong. Sure thing, Naumanchia may have borrowed a thing or two from those two aforementioned bands, but that´s where all the borrowing stops, which is good for them. Namely Naumanchia´s death/black metal has also been blended with some absurd, very tricky and even avantgarde-ish moments that one can find in extreme music from time to time. It´s actually kinda hard to pinpoint which style of extreme metal they play, so let´s leave that part up to each individual listener to decide, ok?

However, before you start spinning CALLOUS KAGATHOS over, sit tight and prepare yourself for one exciting and relatively innovative musical experience in extreme metal. Naumanchia use a lot of unusual time changes that partly tend to be very progressive and almost even jazzy at times (think something along the lines of Cynic). The songs are changing their colors all the time like a chameleon in different situations - and because of that, it´s kinda hard to follow the songs accurately enough if you don´t fully concentrate on following how the each song progresses on whenever taking twists and turns in some totally unexpected direction. Most of the time, however, the guys do know that an extreme (and ah, yet so positively tricky and twisted sounding) black/death metal band is what they represent, so expect to get baptized in fire and boiled in blood. One only needs to listen to such ferocious riots of black and death metal such as "Centurion" and "Sublatio" in order to realize that. Extreme sounding? Yes. Carbon-black black/death metal? Yes, even that too.

The album´s weirdest track is definitely the last song off of the album, "Deadly Threshold", which contains piano, a beautiful synth atmosphere, a duet sung by Monika Urlik and Lukasz Smolinski. The song sounds overall kinda hypnotic, and serves its purpose well as a bonus track, I think. To sum this review up, if you are looking for something a bit different from the black/death metal genre, then here´s something worth checking out for you, perhaps? Naumanchia´s CALLOUS KAGATHOS is one hell of a killer release in today´s over-saturated extreme metal world.
Track Listing

01. Modern Victimology
02. Centurion
03. Speculus Mundi
04. Sanguine Harvest
05. Minimum Fatal Dose
06. Fuga (instrumental)
07. Satyriathis
08. Tenebroso
09. Morsus Ora
10. Sublatio
11. Ancient Breed
12. Harvesterror
13. Deadly Threshold


Soyak - Guitar and vocals
Koshen - Keyboards
Armand - Guitar, backing vocals and speech

Session musicians:
Hord Berath - Drums
Luxas - Bass and clean voices

Monika Urlik
Michal Soltan - Guitar solos in tracks: 2, 4 , 9, 10, 12 and 13

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