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Mustan Auringon Riiti
August 2012
Released: 2012, Hammer of Hate
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Looking at the album cover for this album I was expecting it to be fairly half decent Black Metal and hopefully be something worth writing a good review of…sadly I was quite mistaken.

The album starts off interestingly enough with a comedic jester like intro which I think was supposed to sound sinister “ooooo jester bells of doom!” > : ( “feel there doom!”

But really just sounds a bit chucklesome before bringing in a bit of rain and thunder effects to set the cold and blackened grim theme… …I guess snow doesn’t make enough of a noise to record sound effects from, I dunno. There’s a brief couple of Wolf howls that I think were recorded by an actual person trying to imitate one badly rather than anything else. And then the fuzz takes over…

Now I know how a lot of the Black Metal purists will go on and on about how Black Metal needs to have shite production for it to be good, or Tr00 or whatever… may I firstly just say, BOLLOCKS! And then continue with the review! ;-)

The production on this album isn’t the worst I’ve heard by any means, but it certainly doesn’t encourage you to listen to it again and again. The songs are also so similar in mid paced tempo (not to mention the fact that the drum mix really is not very good to begin with) that the whole album just becomes more like background music than anything else, and that’s not what I personally enjoy in a Black Metal album. For me Black Metal should be about grabbing the shit out of the listeners head and screaming “FUCKING LISTEN TO TTHHHIIIIIISSSS!!!” into their face and I just don’t get that feeling at all with this album.

The even worse part of it is the so called Synths that have been talked about that both band members perform in the album really sound like nothing more than a tiny Casio Keyboard that I used to have when I was 5 years old and honestly made me laugh out loud when hearing them. They sound awful and I’m surprised these guys didn’t hear that themselves when actually recording the fucking thing!

I would try and pick out a stand out track from this album but it honestly all just sounds the same to me, slow drums plod plod plod, slow two chords of fuzzy guitar completely boring me to death and distant vocals that no one can understand. I’m becoming almost unconscious with boredom even typing this part.

I really don't know if I can be so generous with the truth on this album I'm sure there's people out there that love this band, but it just sounds like complete and utter generic, middle of the road, slow plodding, badly mixed, badly produced, half ass written Black Metal with vocals that are barely audible (and so all that work on pretentious lyrics that no one understands can’t even be heard) results in music that is just completely and utterly uninspiring to me. And I love Black Metal, I just love Black Metal that either inspires me musically or paints pictures and images in my head so that the music takes me to somewhere else.

This band does none of those things...

Review by Joffie Lovett
Track Listing

1. Blinding Fog
2. Path of the White Wolves
3. Reaching to the Stars
4. Mieleni Mustissa Merissä
5. Kosmisen Usvan Ympäröimänä
6. Mustan Auringon Riitti
7. Kaksitoista Askelta Luvattuun Valtakuntaan


Adelwolf – Drums, Vocals, Synth
Destruction – Guitar, Bass, Synth

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