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May 2007
Released: 2007, Independent
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Heliogabalus

Nadir fetishizes trauma while sadistically violating/destabilizing the boundary between the corporeal and the psychic. They eschew a single identity, employing rather a two-sided schizophrenic voice – one of speed demon grind, the other of laconic breathers. Identity itself becomes a fragile construct subject to violation, and “self” and “other” are hazy holograms contingent upon positionality and always on the verge of extinction. In other words, Nadir will fucking kill you.

In recent years, the systematic derangement of grindcore has been seriously shaken on its foundation: A freak tsunami ended the ever-brilliant Nasum, Pig Destroyer traded in the raw atavistic vigor of PROWLER IN THE YARD in favor of a more polished TERRIFYER, and, finally, and most disturbing, many began calling Daughters a grind band. Enter Nadir – a Grind Inferno – with a heavy INHALE/EXHALE influence killing.fucking.everyone.!

Sonically, we have a vocalist, guitarist, and drummer playing ultra-fast, raw, lo-fi, apocalyptic hypergrind…set over transgressive lyrics and abrasive production. So it’s fun. Guitar(s) are acrobatic, psycho-dismembering, and habitually pausing before running amok all over again. Drums are a blasting firestorm (seriously, does he do this in his sleep), providing the crushing rhythm so catastrophically necessary. The vocals are particularly malicious, even for razor grind, and are consistently apocalyptic enough for me to want to open a canister of pressurized salt acid. Nadir, essentially, create a series of thrash lacerations that are abrasive, fun, catchy, and most importantly – destructive. The band doesn’t let up. Aside from the habitual, subversive, clean guitar parts (highlighting their dual nature) Nadir delivers on their apocalyptic prophetic writings.

In an almost Dantesque fashion, recalling the punishment of liars and thieves transforming into serpents, slithering suppositions of grind, thrash, and death metal are hacked to pieces, recombined, re-spawned, and reanimated. Projects like Nadir are so refreshing in a world where metal music has begun to emblematize everything it’s supposed to excoriate. Realistically, this quandary is meta-grind – If art is not a medication for society it is a poison…I’m with Nadir on this one.


Track Listing

1. Ash Schematics
2. Sunderland
3. Deadman
4. Grind Till Extinction
5. Fallout
6. Depress
7. Lith
8. Reach for God
9. Leave it all Behind
10. Among Others
11. Victim
12. …As Long as I Live
13. God = Addiction
14. APE: All Pain Ends


Tim – Drums
Grant – Vocals
Dan – Guitar

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