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National Suicide
The Old Family Is Still Alive... 4-track demo
May 2008
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Ever been wondering what Steve ´Zetro´ Souza has been up to since he left Exodus in 2005? Well, don´t wonder any more as here´s the answer for that burning question: He didn´t become a fireman, but joined his forces with the Italian thrash troops National Suicide. Ha, just kidding! Of course he did not, but hell, does this Italian guy named Stefano sound a lot like Mr. Souza in his twenties when he did the vocals for the legendary Legacy´s 4-track demo in 1985. He indeed does sound a lot like Zetro - and what´s even funnier, this Italian thrash bunch National Suicide has adopted a sound for their demo that has a real nice ´80s Bay Area thrash vibe raging through it - through all the four songs on it, to be more precise.

Ha, it may be even sarcastic and even rude to say, but National Suicide do have much more in common with the classic Bay Area sound than Exodus have nowadays. It´s the boner-hard fact - no matter what all of you devoted, die-hard Exodus fans may say about this. National Suicide thrash their hearts out a very convincing, upliftingly heart-warming and the oldschool way, kind of wanting to pay a sincere tribute to the mighty heritage of ´80s Exodus legacy, and doing it real damn well even, I have to say.

All of the 4 songs on this limited (to 200 copies) demo, do the job of entertaining the hell out of an oldschool sucker for thrash, especially the last track, "This is a Raid", which should even make Gary Holt envious, containing some of the most wicked and furious pieces of pure thrash that hark back to the golden times of ´80s thrash metal revolution when worn-out jeans, white tennis shoes, long hair and such cool things were that ´in´ thing amongst young metalheads across the oceans, from coast to coast. Done on purpose or not, but even National Suicide´s logo even reminds me of some known thrash band´s logo from New York in a somewhat familiar way, so show your respect to these fine Italian thrash maniacs and prepare for a lesson in violence with them. Great stuff.
Track Listing

01. National Suicide
02. Sucks n´ Artillery
03. Into the Clubhouse
04. This Is a Raid


Stefano - Vocals
Tiz - Guitar
Bob - Guitar
Ivan - Bass
Ema - Drums

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