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Nasty Tendency
Hello Suckers!
April 2011
Released: 2011, My Graveyard Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

If you mixed some Nasty Savage and some Suicidal Tendencies you might get…? Actually no. Nasty Tendency is an excellent new band unto themselves and Metal to the core. HELLO SUCKERS! is round Number Two for these Italian dudes.

Off the top I really like the album cover, reminds me of many, many classic Metal mascot type dudes only this time their character is holding not only a warhammer but a bazooka too. You know just to keep it current. Or is it a Laaz Rockit? Musically speaking the first thing I noticed were the vocals of Mark Bonavita and the uncanny similarity in delivery and phrasing to Mr. Blaze Bayley. Ms. Nikki Nails has been replaced for the record. In fact the whole album is injected with the same sweaty sense of fun that Wolfsbane possessed back in the day.

Nasty Tendency are fully immersed in the best parts of ‘Metal’ culture with tracks like ‘Stay Heavy’ and ‘Metal Strikes Again’. These 11 quick cuts spanning just over 40 minutes truly hit that rocking Metal sweet spot. The bands primary strength are simple strong songs, catchy infectious and loaded with gang vocals come chorus time. They know how to draw the listener in with many references to the classic 80’s sound, bands that were heavier than the (so-called) ‘Hair’ bands but not as heavy as true thrash. I’m thinking maybe a really heavy Krokus and other bands that could still inject a sense of melody.

HELLO SUCKERS! is a great record. Nothing too outrageous, it’s just good times, punchy, fun driving tunes. Well worth your time and money.
Track Listing

1. Stay Heavy
2. Jailbreaker
3. Rocket Woman
4. Love is Over
5. Gimme the Nite
6. Switchblade Serenade
7. Burn Baby Burn
8. Metal Strikes Again
9. Play It Loud
10. One More Round
11. Dead on Arrival


Mark "Ash" Bonavita - Vocals
Johnny "Vodka" Curly - Guitar
Luke Nasty Kidd - Guitar
Matteo Grazzini - Bass
Mise - Drums

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