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Nasty Savage
March 2003
Released: 2003, Massacre Records
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The true veteran Thrash masters from the Florida area are back in a full-force with their original line-up. This is the line-up from the band’s self-titled debut album from 1985. Nasty Ronnie and his other ´nasty´ boys in the band released their previous full-length album (PENETRATION POINT) a long time ago as late as 1989 and are about to get their next full-length album out on Crook´n/Massacre Records sometimes in summer of 2003. But before that their label(s) decided to put out this 6-song mini-album from the band that contains both new and old songs from these Floridian known Thrash Metal pioneers.

WAGE OF MAYHEM actually is the name of the band´s very popular old demo that was recorded in 1983. This mini-album contains the new recordings of the four original demo tracks plus two completely new songs that are possibly meant to work out as some sort of advance ´teasers´ for their forth-coming full-length album. The two new songs, “Sardonic Mosaic” and “Wage of Mayhem (Part One)” luckily don´t musically differ from anything they have done in the past. In some strange way they have succeeded in maintaining their own trademark 80’s Thrash Metal sound without loosing any credibility at all. It´s Nasty Savage all the way, so old Nasty Savage fans won’t be disappointed by any means. Actually, I found it kind of surprising that they have managed to stay this loyal to their own sound through all these years without losing any of their ´old magic´ for being disbanded for that long. But that´s of course damn cool. I for one have to say that I would have been totally disappointed if they had decided to add keyboards or female vocals into their old concept musically. It would have been a disgrace for sure. It´s also great to hear nasty Ronnie can still do those high-pitched vocals that once seemed to be his trademark thing to do in some of their classic Nasty Savage numbers (“No Sympathy”, “Gladiator”, “Asmodeus”, “Stabbed in the Back”, etc.).

Also all the four old re-worked classic songs bring Nasty Savage back to our minds the way we remember this fine Floridian Thrash Metal outfit to sound like in the ´80s. Two of the songs, “Witches Sabbath” and “Savage Desire” have never been released before ´officially´, so it was about to the time to get them out on this mini-CD format. The other two re-recorded oldies sound a bit different than the original versions, but still, it´s all the same; it´s fuckin´ Nasty Savage and there´s no way they could go wrong with it.

So is there anything to complain about? Actually there is. Do not keep us waiting for your next full-length album for that long. Please try to put it out before summer 2003; preferably tomorrow already… And please one other thing, too: Try to drag your asses to Scandinavia in 2003, too (beg-beg-beg…!!)!!
Track Listing

01. Sardonic Mosaic
02. Wage of Mayhem (Part One)
03. Unchained Angel
04. Savage Desire
05. Witches Sabbath
06. XXX


Nasty Ronnie – Vocals
Ben Meyer – Guitar
Dave Austin – Guitar
Richard Bateman – Bass
Curtis Beeson – Drums

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