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Nasty Idols
The Swedish Sleaze Collection
March 2006
Released: 2006, Swedmetal / Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Nasty Idols is a Malmö based band that made a name within the sleaze scene, especially the Malmö scene, during the beginning of the 90’s. The guys made 4 albums in between 1989-1995 and before the band was laid to rest they were known as Sweden’s wildest rock’n’roll act. They had a lot of endless touring, several TV appearances, videos on MTV’s Headbangers Ball (a show that sadly isn’t aired in Scandinavia today). Still today, 10 years after the band split up, their albums are being re-released once again in order to let new fans take part of their high voltage sleaze rock’n’roll.

Nasty Idols had a row of member changes throughout their lifetime as a band and the only lasting members were the bands core lead vocalist Andy Pierce and bass player Dick Qwarfort. The three albums this compilation covers were all recorded in Berno Studios located in Malmö. The production could have sounded OK but as it is now I think it’s maybe a bit to hollow but maybe that’s because lack of equipment back then?

The band plays early party/glam/sleaze rock with a lot of feeling and attitude, maybe sometimes more with attitude than actual skill. However, they compensate their shortcomings on instruments with a hell of a lot of energy and love for the music. Andy has written most of the material and really has a ear for writing catchy songs. You can tell that he and the rest of the guys were inspired by fellow sleaze acts from America because most of the lyrics are all about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll and as the booklet says “We just wanna f**k girls, drink booze and play wild rock’n’roll” that statement by Nasty Idols really captures the essence of the music.

Why this compilation only covers the three last albums, CRUEL INTENTION, VICIOUS and HEROES FOR SALE is beyond my knowledge. These three albums are also going to be re-released later this year if you’re interested in hearing the whole album. The first album GIGOLOS ON PAROLE is not featured on this compilation and why I don’t know.

I think the strongest material is taken from album number two and three and those albums are best represented by “The Way You Walk”, “Cool Way Of Living”, “House Of Rock’n’Roll”, “Westcoast City Rockers”, “Dance Of The Wicked”, “Head’s Down (In Tinseltown)”, and “Do You Want Another”. Luckily, there aren’t so many songs from the last album, somehow it feels like the guys have not only lost the spark on that one they also lost the brilliant guitar player Peter Espinoza that was replaced by the more mediocre Mikkie Nielsen.

As a bonus have Andy has written a two page sum up of the bands history - past present and future - which is fun reading and quite informative for the ones not familiar with Nasty Idols.

To sum up this Nasty Idols experience, I’d say that this album is for all the old fans of Nasty Idols but also for everyone that wants a lesson and an indept look into what early sleaze rock sounded look back in the days. This is a given purchase for all rockers outthere and the album will still be played in my CD player for a while longer.

Labels: AND
Track Listing

The Way Ya Walk*
Cool Way Of Living*
Dance Of The Wicked**
House Of Rock’n’Roll*
Alive n Kickin*
Heads Down (In Tinseltown)**
Can’t Get You Off My Mind*
Do You Want Another**
Trashed n’ Dirty*
No Time**
Westcoast City Rockers*
Ain’t Got Nothin**
Blind Leads Blind***


Cruel Intention line up*
Andy Pierce – lead vocals
Dick Qwarfort – bass
Peter Espinoza – guitar
George Swanson – drums
Roger White – keyboards

Vicious line up**
Andy Pierce – lead vocals
Dick Qwarfort – bass
Peter Espinoza – guitar
Stanley – drums

Heroes For Sale line up***
Andy Pierce – lead vocals
Dick Qwarfort – bass
Stanley – drums
Mikkie Nielsen – guitar

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