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Nasty Disaster
Screaming For Vengeance Like A Bat Out Of Hell
July 2002
Released: 2000, MegaBlade Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Spinal Tap move over. Get lost Bad News. See ya in Hell, Green Jello. Take a seat, Bloody Stools. So long to the rest of you comedy metal chumps. Nasty Disaster is talkin’ trash, kickin’ ass and takin’ no prisoners. They are the new kings (in my twisted little mind) of the metal parody heap.

Nasty Disaster provides 19 tracks of humour based Heavy F**kin’ Metal!! Everything about this band is geared towards an elaborate in-joke of the metal scene, one that often takes itself all too seriously. Everything from the cover which has the “Screaming for Vengeance “Eagle” bursting out the of “Bat Out of Hell” tomb to the stage names of the band members and to the songs themselves. Band members are Ian McRock, Herman Von Rohl, Nikki Stixxx, Sir Adrian Harris and Viking Rock was apparently produced by “Satan himself”, at the “Metal Shop”.

ND takes every great fun-filled element of metal and takes that one step further to create a great 70+ minute album of sarcasm, spoof, parody that only the most dedicated bangers will fully comprehend. Many songs steal titles and lyrics from other songs and it was a lot of fun trying to pick out which tunes they poached material from. 15 of the 19 songs have the word “Metal” in them, my top three favorites being, “Filthy Drunken Metal Bastard”, Sluts of Metal” and the timeless holiday family classic, “Play Some Fuckin’ Metal”.

Musically this band is solid but in essence the caliber of musicianship is secondary, (which some might say is unforgivable) but these are simplistic, sing-along metal anthems where the joke is the key and not so much the solo quality or innovative song structure. The packaging is pretty poor and the production is murky and sub-par too!

So why such a high rating for such a simple parody band? These guys give it their all. They have a video, a live CD and they do it so well that they can avoid the criticism of being a one-trick pony. Hell, look at Gwar. They took a simple concept and perfected it and have enjoyed a 10+ year career. Everyone should have this disc in their collection to be able to laugh at themselves, amuse their non-metal friends and to remind us all that life is too short and too serious. So have fun and play some fuckin’ metal you filthy drunken metal bastard and contact the band at their hilarious web site at
Track Listing

1. The Empire of Rok, the Kingdom of Rull
2. Metal Shop
3. Filthy Drunken Metal Bastards
4. Blazin' Maiden
5. Satan Is Cumming
6. Beer, Bitches and Metal
7. Metalmorphosis
8. Die by the Chord
9. We Live fur Heavy Metal
10. One Ton of Metal
11. Declaration-Fighting for Metal
12. Metal Inqusition
13. Heavy Metal Rules the World
14. Play Some Fuckin' Metal
15. Metal Head
16. Metal Famine
17. Sluts of Metal
18. Full Metal Jacket
19. Play Some Heavy Metal (PMRC Version)





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