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Nashville Pussy
Up The Dosage
January 2014
Released: 2014, Steamhammer/SPV Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Motorhead's redneck cousins of sorts from the South, Atlanta's Nashville Pussy have been doling out lewd and crude rawk and roll for almost 20 years to a dedicated, though modest, audience that appreciates a rough and tumble good time and could care less for virtuosity, decorum or law enforcement. Led by the beauty and beast team of baudacious guitarist Ruyter Suys and her troglodyte-like husband - and oh so awesome frontman - Blaine Cartwright, they revel in the down and dirty and drinking, drugging, fighting and fucking have served them well as inspiration since their outlandish 1998 debut Let Them Eat Pussy.

Their sixth studio, and first in five years, offers up another heaping helping of more of the same – which isn't such a bad thing at all. “Before The Drugs Wear Off“ essentially captures the spirit of it all in one fell, filthy swoop: “You're meaner than shit, hotter than hell, 10 months pregnant, but you can't even tell. You got it all, all. You got it all, all. So let's get it on, before the drugs wear off.” Nice!

“Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennessee,” “Pillbilly Blues,” “Pussy's Not A Dirty Word” and “The South's Too Fat To Rise Again” wallow in the same trailer trash mire where too much is never enough. “Gimme more 'til my head explodes,” Cartwright groans in the title track like a drunk doing battle with a hangover by ordering more shots.

The band's greasy AC/DC meets ZZ Top metallic rabble remains largely the unchanged here, but it serves the low-brow lyrics and low-down mood perfectly. And if it ain't broke, why break it? Some brasher production this time around, though, gives it all a welcome added sock.

Yet Nashville Pussy are far from one-note hooligans. “Hooray For Cocaine” takes a cool bluegrassy turn, and the aforementioned “Drugs” is buoyed by a bluesy swagger that lends more weight to its bravado. And like AC/DC, they manage to eke a lot of mileage out of three chords, doing enough with them to keep things consistently interesting and undeniably entertaining.
Track Listing

1. Everybody's Fault But Mine
2. Rub It To Death
3. Till The Meat Falls Off The Bone
4. The South's Too Fat To Rise Again
5. Before The Drugs Wear Off
6. Spent
7. Beginning Of The End
8. Up The Dosage
9. Taking It Easy
10. White And Cloud
11. Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennessee
12. Pillbilly Blues
13. Pussy's Not A Dirty Word


Blaine Cartwright - vocals, guitar
Ruyter Suys - lead guitar
Jeremy Thompson - drums
Bonnie Buitrago - bass

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Nashville Pussy
Up The Dosage
February 2015
Released: 2014, SPV
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

The only thing that surpasses the intensity of rage rock 'n' roll of Nashville Pussy is their existence. They are four caricatures of the music scene incorporating all the clichés of rock with impropriety and misconduct and summarize the triptych (variation of the classic sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll): gettin 'drunk, gettin' high, gettin 'laid. I don’t know they could do it better. This is the reason people like Nashville Pussy.

The fact that they managed hopefully on their fifth album, UP THE DOSAGE, this year indicates that more than cheap jokes and waggery happens in their rock’n’roll camp. Not that and that there is plenty of them. The titles of the type song "Till the Meat Falls Off the Bone" and "The South’s Too Fat to Rise Again" to lyrics like "did I shave my balls for this?" or something of a previous album (irony to the known female country anthem "Did I Shave My Legs For This"), the coarse plate overflowing. But the same overflowing and "the - AC / DC - encounter - the - Motorhead - in - Texas - and - all - together - go - to - drink - bourbon 'n' beer» staggering their southern rock riffs based on the rhythm guitarist and singer Blaine Cartwright and the lead guitar of his wife, Mrs. Ruyter Suys. Those who have seen them even live realize that its presence is explosive for more than one reason.

In UP THE DOSAGE the rock’n’roll recipe does not change. The voice of Blaine remains wild and scrap like Alice Cooper with bronchitis, but the songs are more closely spaced hooks and perhaps more melodic choruses, often supported by vocals female band (like wildcats with claws out, of course). Where these elements blend well with muddy riffs, their music is able to burn quite a few speakers. There are (few are true) cases, however, where "more of the same" prevails and boredom makes tentative appearance.

The truth is that Nashville Pussy albums should be approached with particular mood and be heard under certain conditions and circumstances. Surely, the repetition of uncouth lyrics and the “shit” content does not refer to great work of art, but the music of Nashville Pussy has at least two cases in which should be sound and listened to as the best possible accompaniment. On the open road and on stage.
Track Listing

1. Everybody’s Fault But Mine
2. Rub it to Death
3. Till the Meat Falls Off the Bone
4. The South’s Too Fat to Rise Again
5. Before The Drugs Wear Off
6. Spent
7. Beginning of the End
8. Un the Dosage
9. Taking It Easy
10. White And Cloud
11. Hooray for Cocaine, Hooray for Tennessee
12. Pillbilly Blues
13. Pussy’s Not a Dirty Word


Blaine Cartwright – Vocals, Guitar
Ruyter Suys – Guitar
Bonnie Buitrago – Bass
Jeremy Thompson – Drums

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