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Nashville Pussy
From Hell To Texas
April 2009
Released: 2009, SPV
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Nashville Pussy have been kicking around for over a decade now, making no bones about their love of good time, heavy rock ‘n roll. Although there has been a revolving door of comely bassists, the foundation of vocalist Blaine, guitarist Ruyter, and drummer Jeremy has been steadfast. Indeed, the band has seen considerable success over the years, and become somewhat of a respected (!) stoner rock institution.

The thing about Nashville Pussy is that what you see is what you get. They look like down home rock scum, and damn it, they ARE down home rock scum and proud of it, thank you very much. They haven’t changed in years and you’re pretty much guaranteed to know what their latest album will sound like. Sure enough, FROM HELL TO TEXAS, the band’s 5th album, delivers exactly the same kind of down-home, dirty fun that the band is known for. The second that “Speed Machine” kicks into high gear, the party begins and doesn’t end until “Give Me A Hit Before I Go” closes things in surprisingly mellow fashion.

Highlights are many, including the vicious title track, the amusing (and potentially offensive) “Lazy Jesus” and “bad girlfriend” paean “Why Why Why”. Through it all, guitar goddess Ruyter Suys shows off her skill, blazing a trail that most men would struggle to follow. This woman knows how to make one hell of a pyrotechnics show with her guitar. On the down side, Blaine Cartwright’s vocals are admittedly an acquired taste, but they certainly fit in with the cacophony of his backing band.

Look, by now you probably know if Nashville Pussy is for you or not. The band is known for making kickass heavy rock albums and FROM HELL TO TEXAS is no exception – buy it and crank it.
Track Listing

1) Speed Machine
2) From Hell To Texas
3) Drunk Driving Man
4) Lazy Jesus
5) I’m So High
6) Ain’t You Business
7) Dead Men Can’t Get Drunk
8) Late Great USA
9) Pray For The Devil
10) Why Why Why
11) Stone Cold Down
12) Get Me A Hit Before I Go


Blaine Cartwright: Vocals, Guitar
Ruyter Suys: Guitar
Karen Cuda: Bass
Jeremy Thompson: Drums

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