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Narcotic Greed
Twicet of Fate
August 2002
Released: 2001, World Chaos
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

There is an incredibly rich, diverse and complex metal world in Japan that is so much more than worship of Malmsteen, Dokken, Harem Scarem and Mr. Big! There are hundreds of quality heavy bands active in the underground in Japan and we are going to have a quick look at one of the bigger, but still independent, Japanese metal labels.

World Chaos is a record label that is starting to make waves in the global underground metal community. Formed in late 1999 (I believe) this small Japanese label has producing high caliber Japanese true metal and thrash for a couple of years. Now in North America and Europe some smaller labels like Spinefarm (Fin) and Brazen (US) are starting to discover some of the great artists on this label and ask to license and release this material. We felt it was time to give an overview of the first five releases that World Chaos released. These bands are Terror Squad, (KDM 001) Manipulated Slaves, (KDM 002) Grim Force (KDM 003) Fatima Hill (KDM 004) and Narcotic Greed (KDM 005). Please note: Some of these releases have been licensed from even smaller Japanese labels! I will make a note of it where possible.

For other World Chaos bands reviews you can read Luxi’’s June 2002 review of the King’’s Evil CD, DELETION OF HUMANOISE or Cid’’s June 2002 review of the second Fatima Hill CD, AION.

As with many regional metal labels and bands originating from nations where English is not the dominant language, there are a few elements in each of these bands that may not be as attractive to a metal fan in the Western hemisphere. The prime example is lyrics and translation. I would strongly encourage fans of quality thrash and metal NOT to let your decisions to check out these bands be influenced by cultural differences in terminology and/or general language barriers. Be open-minded and you will be able to discover a whole new world of killer heavy metal!

This ranks as my least favorite of the World Chaos CD’s to date. Although they look a mallcore band don’t be fooled they are pretty frantic thrash. The packaging is not so great, the pictures are blurred, the lyrics are very hard to read and the whole design is cramped. The cover is some abstract, drug hallucination type scene.

The title of the album is odd as well. Is that supposed to be “Twist of Fate” or is it supposed to be “Twice The Fate”, (with the extra “t” a typo?) or is there a word Twicet that I’m not familiar with? No big deal I suppose. The music is fairly run-of-the-mill thrash, speedy and frantic but never really grabbed me. There are 10 tunes and two of those are instrumentals. Lyrically they are protest type lyrics especially tunes like “don’t trust anybody” and “Dulling (dueling?) Generation”. The production is a little high and thin and the performances are not very engaging.

For some reason I can’t get into this album but I know there is some quality hidden in the noisy tracks. Maybe I’ll re-visit this some day but until then it gets the old middle-of-the-road grade. This is their second CD, supposedly the first one, now quite rare, is betterr
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