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March 2004
Released: 2004, Trishul Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Night of the Realm

Without using the “List bands by country” feature, how many bands can you name that hail from Singapore? If you’re a regular Metal-Rules reader, you ought to be able to name at least one, because Michael de Los Muertos has covered two albums by the band Rudra. Now, you can chalk one more band to that list, Narasimha, who take their name from the lion-headed man who is the fourth avatar of Vishnu in Hindu mythology.

Opening up the album and judging by the band photo, it is impossible not to have good feelings about a release coming from a bunch of guys sporting shirts by Sodom, Death, Immortal, and Emperor. Drawing influences from the aforementioned bands, as well as old Slayer, Kreator, and Obituary, Narasimha bring forward a mix of old thrash and death metal, as well as a fair degree of melodic guitar work to this, their debut album.

Narasimha wastes no time kicking into “When Darkness Triumphs.” This track is somewhat anomalous in that it is not death metal, but almost like a thrash with a slight NWOBHM interpretation. The driving groove on this track is just excellent and the lead is quite catchy. “Demonized Horde” moves along at a much more aggressive pace of blasting drums and thick guitars as well as several time change-ups to keep the mix interesting. “Compound of Evil”? In all of my pharmacy practice experience, I have never seen an order written for such a compound, but I’m sure that I could extemporaneously pull one off by throwing in a little Sodom, Slayer, and even some Venom together and thrashing like hell. The Obituary-worship solo around 1:50 is a nice touch. “Holy Slaughter” is just a little bit slower than what we’ve been used to already, but the chugging riffs are just massive. “Jai Bharath” is certainly the best song on the album, and the thrashiest. Everyone in the band is perfectly in place here, especially the dual guitar assault towards the middle. What else do we have here? Another good slab of death metal with “Kashmir” (No, nothing to do with Led Zeppelin), the very Death-inspired “Preach Your Death.”

With the exception of “Gnomic Revelations,” an acoustic track with somewhat of an Indian flair, the album hits 9 out of 9 worthwhile tracks. Narasimha are not breaking any new ground with their old-school thrash-death assault, but they are certainly kicking my ass for 45 minutes.
Track Listing

1. When Darkness Truimphs
2. Dehumanized Horde
3. Compound of Evil
4. Holy Slaughter
5. Gnomic Revelations
6. Jai Bharath – thrash!
7. Perpetual, Assimilation, Prevarication
8. Kashmir
9. Preach your Death
10. Narasimha


Arul - bass
Deva - vocals
Sree - guitars
Vinod - guitars
Seelan – drums

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