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Silencing Machine
September 2012
Released: 2012, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Nachtmystium is the project of Blake Judd, founder of the group in early 2000 and have been steadily increasing their profile in the worldwide metal scene every since, currently on their 6th Album, “Silencing Machine” is their newest release with Century Media.

Anyone who’s heard previous albums from Nachtmystium will be right at home as soon as the first track “Dawn Over The Ruins Of Jerusalem” kicks in as a cavalcade of fuzz driven bass and buzz saw guitar tones assault your ears! It’s four and a half minutes of fury before the title track “Silencing machine” continues to blast away, though amongst it’s black metal riffage the foundation of sludge based heavy metal starts to appear as the track draws to a close.

It’s this theme that continues throughout the excellent “And I Control You” which slows down the tempo and brings in a real air of gloom to the proceedings, the heavy bass tone really driving the song forward. It continues to build and build before the quite frankly excellently orchestrated outro lumbers to it’s conclusion.

“Lepers of Destitution” again continues the speed until the main verse kicks into gear with a real melancholic synth section backing up the driving riff that carries the song along. However it’s not long until the song breaks down again, bringing in another morphing riff as it continues.

You really get a sense of just how much the band play by their own rules when writing their material, In the space of few a songs you could hear any number of influences or genres and it’s this that really pulls the songs together. From the hard rock/rock n’ roll grooves of “Borrowed Hope And Broken Dreams” to the sludge filled “Give Me The Grave” Or the Black Metal blasting of “I Wait In Hell” there is something for everyone on this album!

The key to really enjoying this album is to go in with no expectations, let it surprise you with it’s complexity and variation. For some this may be difficult, but it’s certainly worth the effort. Clocking in at just under an hour it never feels too long either - In fact by the end of the fantastic melancholic closer “These Rooms In Which We Weep” I was left wanting more and more.

One of my albums of the year!

Review By Paul James
Track Listing

1. Dawn Over the Ruins of Jerusalem
2. Silencing Machine
3. And I Control You
4. The Lepers of Destitution
5. Borrowed Hope and Broken Dreams
6. I Wait In Hell
7. Decimation, Annihilation
8. Reduced to Ashes
9. Give Me the Grave
10. These Rooms In Which We Weep


Blake Judd - guitars, vocals
Drew Markuszewski - guitars, vocals
Will Lindsay - bass guitar
Sanford Parker - synths & electronics
Charlie Fell – drums

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