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May 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 4.1/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The best Speed/Thrash Metal stuff was created in the ´80s and none of us can argue about that at all, I believe! Just think of such bands as Vio-lence, Death Angel, Exumer, Slayer, Heathen, Kreator, Destruction, Exodus, Testament, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, Devastation, Forbidden, Dark Angel and basically bands that have ´it´ all in their sound. The 80´s was a fantastic decade for the whole Speed/Thrash Metal –genre without doubts.

Times tend to chance – and many things among with them as well, but luckily there are things in the ´old world´ that some people have had an understanding to cherish through the hard times when new so-called ´trend killers´ try to dominate and manipulate people on earth... and beyond, I have to believe.

A Finnish Thrash Metal act called Nailgunner contains 5 relentless and obviously somewhat ambitious (I think) musicians who, most obviously, are deeply in love with that particular past world, I mean, this specific world where Speed – and Thrash Metal was pure and virginal by its nature, kind of having some attitude, focus, dedication, really crunchy riffs, catchy rhythm changes, real songs, no bullshitting – just intensely thrashing madness and even the right dress codes (ha!)... everything!

“Beaten Senseless” starts off their 4-song demo-CD and a listener can be prepared for a real Thrash –revival in the good´n´old ´80s spirit. Fast and raw Thrash –riffs follow each other damn effortlessly that tend to sound even a bit slayer´ish which cannot be a bad thing by any means. The band´s vocalist Sami has a real rude and raw voice (even if a bit monotone at places) that provides the song an extra kick which it needs.

“Let´s Die” basically continues right from there where “Beaten...” left off; it´s a hard and nasty kick in your nuts and it has never felt that good. From a fast tempo start, it soon turns to more, partly lazy, mid-tempo parts for a short moment ´til the tempo is increased quite drastically toward faster tempos again. Quite tasty as a Thrash Metal –tune all in all.

“On Deadly Ground” is my favorite song off from this demo, keeping its brutal head proudly up and thrashing mercilessly all over you as long as your neck muscles cannot raise your ugly head up again. The riffages of the middle part in the song remind me more of a structure of some certain Death metal song, being slightly heavier than the rest of the songs here. Absolutely a highlight song out of all the 4 songs on the demo!!

“Urban Machinegun Massacre” keeps the tradition going on for some killer and spicy old-school Thrash –riffs and there´s basically nothing wrong in the song in itself. However, as the tempo overall in this track seems to be pretty damn fast all the time, I guess the song could have been a bit shorter than it is now on the demo. I mean, it´s clocking in at 5-minute mark and in my opinion an optimal length would have been near by 4-minutes or something... A listener may face probably hard times to focus on the song due to its length, but on the other I´m probably one of the few ones who thinks this way. My headache isn´t supposed to be your headache, I guess. Oh well...

The production on the demo is crispy enough which supports the songs very well on this darn promising 4-song effort of the band perfectly. Nailgunner is, however, a name I think you should keep your perspective eyes on in the future, that´s for sure.
Track Listing

01. Beaten Senseless
02. Let´s Die
03. On Deadly Ground
04. Urban Machinegun Massacre


Jori “the James” Sara-aho – Brutal blunt weapon battery
Juha “the James” Lähde – Sadistic low-end assault
Sami “the James” Kettunen – Verbal abuse of inhuman voice
Toni “the James” Lötjönen – Top speed electric slaughter
Toni “James James” Huhtiniemi – Sin ton wall of sonic steel

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