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Fury Unleashed
February 2008
Released: 2001, Nokturnel Eclipse
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Frenetic, high-velocity and violent deathrash is what this legendary underground act from New Jersey, Nokturnel, offer on their 2nd full-length release, titled FURY UNLEASHED.

The band´s debut album, NOTHING BUT HATRED, was released on JL America in 1993, which was followed by a 2-track EP, titled ANTI-GRUNGE (heh, I don´t wonder about the title a bit at all!), a year later (on Rage Records). Nokturnel then went on hiatus for some years ´til Tom Stevens (ex-Savage Death, ex-Incantation, ex-Morpheus Descends, etc.) and co. recorded their follow-up album in 2001, being baptized by the name, FURY UNLEASHED.

In the name of all honesty, FURY UNLEASHED is a pretty darn killer package of vicious and surprisingly technical death- and thrash metal from back-in-the-day (remember such acts as Hellwitch, Exmortis, Fatal, Ripping Corpse, Severance, etc. from those days?). In fact, listening to this album makes me also remember the times when sounding ´mainstream´ was a curse on everyone´s lips - and when sticking to the sounds of underground metal, was that thing that united many long-haired metal freaks together. Ah, those were the times indeed...

Diving through all these 9 songs that the album has on offer, gives you a fair adrenaline rush in your blood circulation system when you unconsciously start pounding your finger tips against your favorite table, your neck muscles tighten to do some uncontrolled headbanging rotation - and then you start sweating and shaking nervelessly, and feel like you should desperately need to spin the album again... over and over and over again. And again. But seriously, there´s so much sheer enjoyment on offer on an album like this when everything reeked of pure underground metal, and when an over-polished studio production didn´t ruin all this rawness and primitiveness that metal bands were capable of getting out from the studio recordings back then. FURY UNLEASHED offers a raw and real deal of true underground death/thrash metal - added with some technical wankery that also proves this threesome´s skills as a bunch of devoted metal musicians.

Such tracks as "I Remain Faithless", "Realm of Possession", "Forcefed Fear" and "Immortal Destroyer" put you through a hellish and violent whirlwind of well-executed deathrashing underground metal that makes you beg for more, whenever you feel like you need to get pumped up with an extra shot of adrenaline, for some reason or the other. Here´s a fair tubful of very good stuff for that purpose, I can tell you. ;o)
Track Listing

01. Legend of the Wolven
02. Taking Hate to the Grave
03. Food Chain
04. I Remain Faithless
05. Visions of the Haunted
06. Realm of Possession
07. Forcefed Fear
08. Immortal Destroyer
09. A Collision of Dimensions


Tom Stevens - Vocals & guitar
Lee Ribera - Bass
Tophetarath - Drums

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