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The Third Prophecy
May 2003
Released: 2003, AFM
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

In all honesty I can, as an intellectual exercise, see why some less dedicated fans might be tempted to lump this band in with the supposed ‘glut’ of power metal bands. I can see it happening. However, metal is not an intellectual exercise, you should listen with your heart, not your eyes or brain on logic mode. Having said that, I do NOT think there is a glut of power metal, the accusations of clones are ludicrous and this translates into the fact that I love Nostradameus!

This band kicks my ass. I’m ashamed that I have not checked them out before. They are on the AFM label who I don’t think have EVER put out a bad CD. These lads are Swedes who play top notch melodic power metal with grace and flair, precision and power.

AFM presents them in a very favourable light with a full-on booklet 10 pages, full colour, lots of neat graphics, pictures and a futuristic theme which is a nice twist on the usual medieval Nostradameus imagery. Great production drives these ten songs (plus a live bonus cut) which bring the total running time to

Lyrically these guys do not fall in the swords and sorcery category but have a greater depth delving into historical topics on cuts like Far Too Strong’, (Vikings) ‘1986’ (Political oppression) and ‘H.M.S. Ulysses’ (World War II).

Singer Freddy Persson has good range and power and a nice rasp to his voice, not at all your typical, smooth, high singer. Drummer Esko Salow drives every song along a fairly fast pace but not always just double-kick, although there is plenty of that when needed…and hey the world always needs more double-kick! All the songs are pretty quick but that is more a function of the drums as at times the dual guitar team of Freden and Aberg use crunch instead of all out speed. The solos are without question magnificent! The songs melodies are not really soaring but the riffs are more down-to-earth and meaty making for an added dimension of heaviness.

This band reminds me of Masterplan, or probably the other way around since this is Nostradameus’ third CD. They use enough speed, power and crunch here to avoid the tag of ‘flower metal’ a term used not so endearingly by critics and cynics. I recommend you checkout this fantastic band at
Track Listing

1. For The Strong
2. Randall Flagg
3. Those Things You Did
4. The Future Will Show
5. If We Believe (In Our Dreams)
6. Revenge Is Mine
7. 1986
8. H.M.S. Ulysses
9. In Harmony
10. Towards The Sleep (Stalingrad)
11. One For All, All For One (Live in Stockholm)


Freddy Persson-Vocals
Michael Aberg-Guitar
Jake Freden-Guitar
Thomas Antonsson-Bass
Esko Salow-Drums



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