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Terra Necrosis
September 2007
Released: 2007, Konqueror Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

O´ Sweet ol´ Sweden... O´ sweet old school Death Metal horde Nominon. Nominon from Jönköping have already been terrorizing us for 14 years with several releases even if the band´s new album, TERRA NECROSIS, is just their 3rd full-length album in their long career. Anyway, whenever Nominon have released something, there´s always been an army of die-hard fans of the band that have drooled over every new release - and obviously TERRA NECROSIS won´t be any exception to that rule either.

What Nominon´s newest album, TERRA NECROSIS does, is that it basically continues showing the same musical traditions what they have followed and become known for over the years: Nominon´s old school Death Metal is simply irresistible - and they are honestly one of those very few bands out there who can truly do their old school Death Metal right, just doing it for the love for the music they represent.

The albums gets started with "Release in Death", which displays clearly what Nominon is all about: The song´s murky, heavy and very old school-flavored Death Metal makes a listener yearn for the good ol´ times when such classic and cult Death Metal albums as LEFT HAND PATH (by Entombed), LIKE AN EVER FLOWING STREAM (by Dismember), INCANTATION (by Grotesque) INTO THE GRAVE (by Grave) and such, were all released in the first real movement of Death Metal - I mean, from the late ´80s to early 90´s. The ancient spirit and feeling of those times, have splendidly been captured into TERRA NECROSIS, bringing things back to the primary sources of this very genre in question, in which things were done a little bit differently than nowadays (tell me about it).

Seriously, there´s neither much ´new´ to be reported from Nominon´s camp nor this album in my hands. The band has stayed loyal to their dark and heavy Death Metal since they started this band out - and they haven´t abandoned or sacrificed any bits from that sound they have possessed in the band for all these ungodly years. Nominon still deliver their old school Death Metal determinedly and extremely convincingly on TERRA NECROSIS, and they can still be considered one of the most devoted torch bearers of the past times of Death Metal. Therefore, sincere horns up for the Nominon hordes for this achievement.
Track Listing

01. Release in Death
02. Arcanum
03. Black Chapel
04. Ebola
05. Among the Beasts & Ancient Slumber
06. Life Extinct
07. Tabula Rasa
08. Hell Above
09. Bane Appetite
10. The Infernal Voyage


Daniel Garptoft - Lead vocals
Juha Sulasalmi - Guitar & backing vox
Christian Strömblad - Guitar
Anders Malmström - Bass
Perra Karlsson - Drums

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