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Nomad Son
The Eternal Return
September 2010
Released: 2010, Metal on Metal Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

THE ETERNAL RETURN, the long awaited 2nd album from the Maltese doom-meisters Nomad Son has finally been released... and they have unleashed quite a doom monster of album.

The band´s debut album, FIRST LIGHT, impressed me a lot. It was a well-crafted Hammond-driven traditional doom metal opus that did not hesitate to bow to the direction of such masters of doom like Candlemass, Trouble, Black Sabbath, Pentagram, etc. It shamelessly kissed the butts of the aforementioned examples as best it could. Nomad Son´s THE ETERNAL RETURN is a slightly different sound from them music-wise, while still seeing the band remain truthful and loyal to their once chosen path. They haven't used any happy and joyful sounding ingredients for sure.

The overall feel that THE ETERNAL RETURN offers to its listeners could be described by such adjectives as: ominous, epic, and downright heavy - and especially downright heavy. Crispy, all-suffocating heavy riffs have been spread all over their songs... songs that could easily have Leif Edling´s (of Candlemass fame) stamp in all of them. Over 11-minute “Winds of Golgotha” just cannot get heavier or more sinister than what it already is. It is just crushes everyone with its sheer weight due to smart, almost calculated dead limb-heavy riffs in it. Also, the opener, “The Vigil”, throws the listener to the arms of our favorite Swedish doomsters due to some signature Candlemass-tinged riffs in it – and the same words go basically to the next song, “Sigma Draconis”. Candlemass´ name has not only been tapped into these two songs, but also all over the album. The odd thing is that I don´t complain one damn bit.

The most ear-capturing song is “Comatose Souls” with its depressive, creeping and sort of ´calm-before-the-storm´ type of atmosphere. Vocalist Jordan Cutajar really pushes his limits vocally in this particular song in question, kind of putting 110% effort into it and sounding like he would give his life away in this song – well, metaphorically speaking, I mean. What a fantastic, spot-on doom metal song it is.

THE ETERNAL RETURN has much the same that was found from Nomad Son´s debut record FIRST LIGHT, but then again it´s also a little bit more modern sounding effort with a clear and heavy production (recorded at Temple Studios along with David Vella at the helm), Candlemass´ direct influence coming through the songs stronger than ever before. Every song on this brilliant opus deserves some mention with quality words, but before I run out of them, I rather suggest you find this album for yourself than read my exuberant, non-stop praise about this fine Maltese doom metal act. A simply awesome release.
Track Listing

01. The Vigil
02. Sigma Draconis
03. Comatose Souls
04. Can't Turn the Tide
05. Guilty As Sin
06. Winds of Golgotha
07. The Eternal Return
08. Throne of Judgement


Jordan Cutajar - Vocals
Chris Grech - Guitar
Albert Bell - Bass
Edward Magri - Drums
Julian Grech - Keyboards

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