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Nocturnal Rites
8th Sin
June 2007
Released: 2007, Century Media/EMI
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The Swedish power/heavy metal band Nocturnal Rites is back with their 8th album simply entitled 8th SIN. In my opinion, the band has gone through a minor change in their musical course. Within the distinct wall of power/heavy metal the band used to play, I can now sense a little hint of a more melodic metal music with more keyboards and piano than normal, and the music is a little more melodic than before as well. The bio states that this is the new and more modern sound of Nocturnal Rites, but I feel a little hesitant to accept that at the beginning. I have to admit that I wasn’t the least bit impressed by the album when I first listened to it, but it’s one of those albums that grows on you and that you learn to love. Fans in Japan can look forward to two bonus tracks and the Swedish fans will be glad to hear “Never Again”, which is a single only for Sweden with a video feature made by drummer Owe Lingvall.

The keyword of 8th SIN ought to be ‘melodic’, but it’s still just as heavy as before. The band’s biggest asset is probably their amazing singer Jonny Lindqvist who has a presence in his voice that not many other singers have. It’s just as a strong an album as their previous ones and the highlights of the album are without doubt the songs “Call out to the World”, “Never Again”, “Tell Me”, and “Not like You. Other songs worth mentioning are “Strong Enough” and “Pain and Pleasure”, where Nocturnal Rites sounds like they did in the old days. The production leaves a little more to wish for because it feels a little too weak and not as powerful as before. Unfortunately, it sounds like this is a low-budget production and that’s not what I would have imagined from Nocturnal Rites.

8th SIN is not a bad album at all; there are a lot of great songs and strong material, but it’s not what I had expected from Nocturnal Rites. If you are a hardcore Nocturnal Rites fan, I think you’re going to be a bit surprised when you hear this album. I can recommend it but the band has made stronger albums before.
Track Listing

1. Call Out To The World
2. Never Again
3. Not The Only
4. Tell Me
5. Not Like You
6. Leave Me Alone
7. Till I Come Alive
8. Strong Enough
9. Me
10. Pain And Pleasure
11. Fools Parade (outro)


Jonny Lindqvist – lead vocals
Fredrik Mannberg – guitar
Nils Norberg – lead guitar
Owe Lingvall – drums
Nils Eriksson – bass

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