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When All Colours Are Dead
September 2007
Released: 2006, Psycofonia Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Chaosankh

Dark, synthesized, music delivered with driving metal guitars, is the aim of the Spanish based project called Noesis. On this, their debut album, listeners will notice hints of modern electronic/industrial metal (think Rammstein) mixed with eighties gothic-infused, synth-driven pop (think Depeche Mode or Sisters of Mercy) and a nice spark of the aggressiveness of contemporary gothic metal (think Paradise Lost or Charon). With edgy, hook-laden vocals, distorted guitars, and lots of experimentation, these guys are mostly successful at delivering a memorable, cohesive product that should place them in a good position to grow within the scene.

WHEN ALL COLOURS ARE DEAD will be an enjoyable experience for fans of catchy gothic-styled metal. “Monochromatic Neuronal Intuition” is a perfect example of Noesis’s mix of heavy guitar, emotional leads, piano, and ultra-catchy choruses that will get you singing along during your first listen. The opening track, “Should I...,” has a real modern, electronic metal vibe to it, but the mix of techno and metal works very well in this track where lush, progressive sounding keyboards lead into the infectious chorus. The album succeeds best when it delivers a perfect synthesis of styles like it does in these two tracks and many of the others. However, there are times, like the song “Lost in Quasars,” when the current of techno electronics is just a little too dance-beat for its own good, resulting in a feeling that disconnects the listener from the song.

It will take an audience with an open mind to truly enjoy this experience. Hardcore fans of the specific genres that they blend may be put off at times because it may not be enough of the one thing that they are used to. Ultimately, though, the driving beats, heavy guitars, and melodies should be enough to captivate most who give it a try. Since this is a debut album, it will be interesting to see how these guys evolve and become even savvier at synthesizing styles on future releases.
Track Listing

1. Should I…
2. Monochromatic Neuronal Intuition
3. Lost in Quasars
4. Stranged
5. Awakened of the Scorn
6. Mechanical Mayhem
7. Inside of Pain
8. Sea of Sand
9. Spawned by the Ice of Centuries
10. Towards a Cosmic Theology
11. Extrano


Fernando Navarro – Guitar and Vocals
José Molina– Keyboards and Programming
Fernando Garcia – Guitar
Sergio Sanmiguel – Drums
Alfonso Borbolla - Bass

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