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August 2007
Released: 2007, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

Despite any preconceptions the name of the band may invoke this is not a Meshuggah sound alike but a unique Australian three piece Thrash Metal outfit that is onto a very good thing. Think Coroner, Exodus and Megadeth whith a touch of Obliveon thrown in for good measure and you may get an idea of what Nothing have to offer.

At five tracks, INVOLUTION is a diverse offering that highlights the many facets of the bands sound. You get the imaginative riffing of opener “Jar Of Dirt And Fear” with the more immediate attack of “Shadows” alongside the brutal maelstrom that is “Gordian Knot” - a devastating swirling instrumental that will turn heads. Whereas “Chameleon Aura” is as the title implies a track that shifts effortlessly while “Baroque” balances proceedings with flair and an eccentric flavour. Top it off with a solid production and a sound of their own and what you have is one killer of an EP.

Kahwati’s vocals may be an acquired taste for some as his Ron Royce (of the late and much underrated Coroner) rasp is not what many will expect. It certainly gives INVOLUTION a unique touch and I would much rather that than a tired second rate heard it all before modern day Bay Area approach. More importantly the music, while a reflection of the past is no retro trip whatsoever. Municipal Waste, SSS or Evile is something I certainly can enjoy but when all is said and done their music is a tribute and that alone cannot push Thrash Metal forward – even though the British and NME might disagree with me.

There’s something special going on here and with an album’s worth of material waiting in the wings I can only hope that Nothing get the chance to record this music soon and build on what they’ve done here. For the time being I urge you to check out INVOLUTION because if you are interested in challenging Thrash Metal then Nothing is the band for you.
Track Listing

01. Jar Of Dirt And Fear
02. Chameleon Aura
03. Shadows
04. Baroque
05. Gordian Knot


Kahwati – Guitars & Voice
Bushy – Bass
Van Haltren - Drums

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