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Remnants of a Diabolical History
April 2007
Released: 2006, Pulverised Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Swedish old school Death Metal patrol Nominon is one of those true Death Metal acts that have stayed loyal and very devoted to their sound over the years. They have never made any compromises and also managed to keep their fans since the band got started in January 1993. And that´s truly something we all should all respect in them, right dear folks?

In the end of 2006, the Singaporean-based label Pulverised Records released a collection of previously unreleased demo recordings/cover songs that have never been released on CD before. This was a great idea to get all these unreleased tracks together because most of those Nominon demos and EPs are impossible to find nowadays. It´s also very cool that Nominon´s cover versions from “Live for Violence (by Voivod)”, “Spit on Your Grave (by Whiplash)” and “Decomposed (by Repulsion)”, have all been included into this horde´s putrid old school Death Metal feast. Especially that Whiplash cover works out really well in the hands of these experienced Swedes. Other than that, if you already know what to expect from Nominon, this can well be considered as a mandatory purchase for you (unless you don´t own their whole back demo/EP catalogue?). Nominon´s old school Death Metal really reeks of this globally known phenomenon called TSOLDM more than anything else. It harks back in time to when such Swedish Gods of Death Metal as Nihilist, Grotesque, Dismember, Carnage, Leprosy, Grave, Tiamat and the likes reigned and ruled the underground metal scene all the way from the Europe to USA to Japan to Indonesia - and so forth. Nominon is Nominon - and you either know how they are musically or you just don´t. Hails and horns of appreciation and admiration up to this Nominon -horde forever!
Track Listing

01. Blaspheming the Dead
02. Invocations
03. Live for Violence (Voivod -cover)
04. Cemetery of Life
05. Servants of the Moonlight
06. Diabolical Bloodshed
07. Spit on Your Grave (Whiplash -cover)
08. Blessed by Fire
09. Genocide
10. Decomposed (Repulsion -cover)
11. Sodom's Fall


Daniel Garptoft - Vocals
Juha Sulasalmi - Guitar, backing vocals
Christian Strömblad - Guitar
Perra Karlsson - Drums
Anders Malmström - Bass

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