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Subvert The Dominant Paradigm
July 2011
Released: 2011, Relapse Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Okay…admission time…I unashamedly LOVE Grind in all its forms and multitudinous permutations…it reaches deep inside me…speaks to me…it’s utterly primal cum primordial blast beaten fury resonating to my very core. Hence I absolutely LOVE this album!

The band is now powered by ex-Phobia blast demon Bryan Fajardo, and consequently, has found a whole new level of insane intensity, to its already devastating sound.

It’s Grindcore Jim…But Not As We Know It!

Yes it has plenty of hyper speed grind purity, but now also incorporates thunderous stop/start rhythms, and a style they describe as ‘skronk’ (which to me translates as jazzy freakout bursts) which adds a total new feel to what they do. The album is an aural bomb-burst, raging furiously and exploding your synapses with 30 hate filled machine gun ‘scatter burst’ assaults, and all in just a touch over 20 minutes! Talk about not outstaying your welcome!

After my initial listen, I literally sat in my chair, almost punch drunk by the pummelling I had undergone, however after a few minutes recovery, I hit play again, and this time simply immersed myself in the onslaught of malignant cancerous poison spat my way…revelling in the sheer hatred and violence that filled me with ugly joy!

What a f***ing steel toe-capped kick in the bollocks this album is…absolutely astonishing! Pure F***ing Genius! Buy Or Die!

Review by Satanic Muttley
Track Listing

01 Breaking Bad At The Mulberry
02 Waiting To Be Born
03 Gestapolis
04 Inevitable Extinction
05 Global Warning
06 Fraudulent
07 Information Highway To Hell
08 Stress Pandemic
09 Inoperative
10 Deformed By Society
11 The Rail
12 The Alternative Is.
13 Blackout
14 Slave
15 Ace Is The King
16 The Last Spark Of Resistance
17 Life Consumed You
18 Ignorance Is Bliss
19 Minefield
20 Fighting Addiction
21 Borealis Storm
22 Poisonous Cure
23 Four Walls
24 The Perpetual Downfall Of Man
25 Translucent
26 Almas Por El Infierno
27 Silent Guilt Of The Reaper
28 Contaminant Of The Earth
29 The Blackened Sea
30 Noisearuption


Alex Lucero - Vocals
Joe Tapia - Bass,Vocals
Dorian Rainwater - Guitar,Vocals
Thomas Romero - Guitars
Bryan Fajardo - Drums

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» Subvert The Dominant Paradigm
by UK Team

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