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Nocturnal Rites
The Sacred Talisman
May 1999
Released: 1999, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

The power of true metal's popularity is gaining in momentum. More bands of this nature seem to be getting signed to North American labels thus bringing us "out in the cold" North Americans some great metal!! Sweden's Nocturnal Rites represent one of these bands that to these ears owe something to HammerFall despite having formed before them in 1990! Nocturnal Rites began as a heavy groove/rock outfit and have since evolved into an exceptional melodic power/traditional heavy metal band. In terms of comparisons, as stated above, if you like HammerFall then this is by no means a stretch! Also fans of Helloween, Primal Fear, Iron Savior and other bands of this style will love this!!

Nocturnal Rites is 100% "true metal" nowhere will you hear anything but what makes this genre the best form of music in the known universe. Flying melodic leads will leave you in awe as to the sheer mastery these guys posses of their instruments. Vocally this is what any fan of true metal looks for - soaring powerful vocals. Also of note is the drummer who like any true metal drummer these days knows how to beat the living shit out of his kick drums - god I love this! These days it's music like this that I think is carrying on the flame of real heavy metal.

Highlights on this CD are hard to point out as I love every song on this CD and everything about this band. The CD thankfully has only one ballad and it's not bad as far as ballads go. Listening to music played with such finesse and which is just so damn METAL is quite a treat! I would even venture, to some degree, to put this up against stuff like Gamma Ray and Iron Savior who have in my opinion released the godliest true metal of 1999 to date. So if you're fan of "true metal" (and you had better be) then get this CD!!
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