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Lost In The North
January 2011
Released: 2010, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

In every scene and sub-genre of Metal there are innovators. These bands develop a sound that becomes accepted, even popular. Other bands, fans of music themselves, may enjoy that sound and integrate those influences into their own song-writing and lyrics. Cynics, and those people who only listen to music that they deem to be original, will criticize bands as being unoriginal and dismiss them as clones. Those critics do themselves a disservice because with their superficial analysis of , “heard it before, sounds like Band X”, they may miss hearing many great bands.

Well, I feel that Nordheim from Quebec, Canada likely falls in that category. Are they original? No, not really, but I don’t care because they totally kick ass! Who cares of they sound like a bit of this and that? I don’t. It’s well-executed, well-performed, and delivered with sincerity and it is totally enjoyable.

More specifically, Nordhiem are a new, young quintet from Quebec and LOST IN THE NORTH is their debut full-length. 10 tracks, great production, a nice package with a beautiful and hilarious album cover, lyrics and photos all add to the listening experience. These guys are totally pro and know what it will take to compete.

Nordhiem fall firmly in the northern logging camp of Pagan/Folk/Viking Metal, unashamedly and proud, in the true north strong and free. The songs have a clear sense of direction and some fun. Track Four ‘Beer, Metal Trolls and Vomit’ is a helluva catchy-fun jig or reel that could easily stand toe-to-toe with Korpiklanni’s ‘Happy Little Boozer’, or Blackguard’s ‘This Rounds On Me’. It is a metal drinking song to end all metal drinking songs.

Elsewhere the humour is not as overt but the songs are fast, furious, with little sound effects and some accordion style sounds mixed in. The songs lilt and whirl through the arctic snow driven by some pretty harsh vocals in places and raging gang-vocals. Overall the band is on the heavier side of the sub-genre but not afraid to mix it up, add the folk sounds and have some fun. I don’t always like name-drop other bands but if you are a fan of the couple of aforementioned bands, Amon Amarth, Fintroll, maybe even Moonsorrow or Ensiferum, you will really dig Nordhiem (out of the snowbank). This is an extremely promising debut.
Track Listing

1. Lost In The North
2. Nightborn
3. Far Away
4. Beer, Metal, Trolls And Vomit
5. Promise To The gods
6. Glorious March
7. Sailing The Drakkar
8. Old Crazy Man
9. Beyond The Howling North
10. Blessing From The Stars


Warraxe-Vocals, Guitar
Benfok- Bass
Thom- Keyboards
Phil Foul-Drums

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