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August 2005
Released: 2004, From Beyond
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Evil Rocker

Here is a tip: Any time you see the words "Hellbangers – Moselfranken" anywhere on a CD, you know that what you are going to get is raw, true, under-produced, HEAVY METAL. I do not care if you call it "Thrash", "Blackened Thrash", "Death Thrash", "Black Metal" or any other variation on that label. What it is, at the end, is aggressive, mid tempo, raw metal that is often difficult to find these days.

NOCTURNAL, established in 2000 is closely tied to, and has traded members with, bands such as the mighty WITCHBURNER, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, DESASTER, METAL INQUISITOR, etc. For those of you who know these underground German metal bands you know what you are getting. This is not for the weak. The riffs are heavy, up-tempo, not overly complex. The leads are the same. The vocals are very raw and mid ranged thrashy, though not death grunts. The best exposure to this material is in the live venue. I often think these bands just turn out a CD here and there to get new live material.

My favorite tracks include "Merciless Murder", "War of Spirits", "Burn this Town" but the style and aggression is constant throughout. My only complaint is that they song variation is minimal. Even bands such as DESASTER and METAL INQUISITOR will change it up here and there. NOCTURBAL does not, with the exception of the instrumental intro track often found in this style.

This is for professionals only. Do not attempt this CD if you are looking for wailing vocals, keyboards, harmonies, epic themes, or any references to Dragons & Wizards. On the other hand if you are looking for pure head-banging frenzy buy this NOW
Track Listing

1. Coven of Darkness
2. Temples of Sin
3. Satanic Oath
4. Preventive War
5. Burn this Town
6. War of Spirits
7. Merciless Murder
8. Nuclear Strike
9. Victorious Night
10. Awakening the curse of souls


Mayhem – Vocals
Vomitor – Bass
Hellbastard - Drums
Evil Avenger - Guitar

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