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April 2007
Released: 2007, AFM Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Nostradameus’ previous album HELLBOUND came out in 2004, and it’s now time for this Swedish act to follow that up with a new one. If you’re interested in reading more about the band, check out the database where more of their albums are reviewed. Just by looking at the band’s name you can probably guess what kind of music the band plays – yes, melodic power metal with everything that goes into that genre. Even though this musical style isn’t one of my favorites, I have to admit that they are skilled musicians and that the album is full of great music and brilliant lead guitar parts.

The band says that their lyrics are a bit different in comparison to their previous albums. They say their lyrics deal “With topics most of us can recognize as we’re crawling through hard times every now and then, but they also point the edge on the different kind of hypocrisy we see in this world on a far too regular basis these days.”

A few of the killer tracks are “Wall Of Anger”, “Until The End”, “No Trace of Madness”, “Death by My Side”, and “The Untouchables”. All of those songs are of the very melodic, power metal kind, with heavy guitar duels and catchy choruses. A totally unremarkable song is the ballad “Not only Women Bleed”, which is slow and unbearable. The band’s weakest link is lead singer Freddy Persson, who has a really annoying habit of attempting high-pitched notes to which his voice can’t do justice.

The band has once again returned to Malmoe and Roasting House Studio, but with Pontus Lindmark as the producer, not Anders “Theo” Theander. My bio states that Lindmark is a demon producer, which is totally wrong; the only thing I’ve previously heard that Lindmark produced was a demo that wasn’t actually that good. Roasting House Studio hasn’t got the right equipment to make a fair production either. PATHWAY is actually one of the better productions I’ve heard released from this studio, so the band should be thankful that they got away so easy.

I know that many of the reviewers on Metal-Rules love these Swedes and sure, if you’re a fan of the band then maybe this album is a treat. But for a guy who hasn’t listened to much Nostradameus before, I can’t see the greatness in PATHWAY. For me is this a standard album by a solid band in a genre that has produced many greater acts. I wished for something a little more edgy and, to be honest, a better album from my fellow countrymen.
Track Listing

1. Welcome to Living
2. Wall of Anger
3. Until the End
4. Demon Voices
5. MDCC a.d pt 1
6. MDCC a.d pt 2
7. P.I.R
8. No Trace of Madness
9. Not Only Women Bleed
10. Death by My Side
11. The Untouchables


Freddy Persson – lead vocals
Jake Fréden – guitar
Lennart Specht – guitar
Thomas Antonsson – bass
Esko Salow – drums

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