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Noble Beast
Noble Beast
June 2014
Released: 2014, Tridroid
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

We are are constantly combing the underground in an effort to provide support for new and upcoming bands. This time the underground is the metal-mecca of St. Paul Minnesota and a band called Noble Beast.

Noble Beast are the only Power Metal band on the small Tridroid record label who tend to specialize more in the heavier genres. The bands self-titled debut album just came out and it is pretty impressive. The cover art is eye-catching, kind of a dinosaur dude, who I think could evolve into a nice mascot of the band wanted to go that way. NOBLE BEAST is a generous hour-long, 10-track album of classic/true/Power Metal in an American style.

The lyrics are pretty cool, even just looking at the song titles such as ‘On Wings Of Steel’, ‘The Dragon Reborn’ and the lead-off cut ‘Iron-clad Angels’ you may surmise they stick to tried and true themes and stories. What is most notable to my ears are the vocals of Rob Jalonen. He has a very unique voice for this style. His delivery and style and range are all great but the best part perhaps is that he has quite a low voice, like of like a tenor of some sort, much lower and more operatic than many singers in this style. He can still hit some really high notes but for the most part sings in a mid to lower range. I really like it and it makes the band stand out. He also has a bit of help with some back-up vocals and gang-types choruses.

The album has a huge sense of energy and dynamic propulsion. It surges along like Blind Guardian at their heaviest when they (used to) just put their heads down and kill it. There are lots of excellent solos and the guitar tone is excellent as well. The band also is not afraid to stretch out in the writing department with several songs hitting the six, seven, and even eight-minute range. The choruses are very catchy and riffs are infectious as well. NOBLE BEAST capture so many good elements; speed, power epic choruses and blend it all into one very impressive album.

Normally I don’t quote bands own press in my reviews but I thought this note on their Facebook page was very clever. “We're influenced by everyone from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Dio, to Blind Guardian, Helloween, and Symphony X, to Kreator, Emperor, and Ensiferum. We probably have at least one song you'll like.” However the thing is, I like EVERY song on their album! NOBLE BEAST is a very strong entry and I’m so pleased to see these young Metal warriors enter the battle with a drive to sustain and keep true Metal alive.
Track Listing

1. Iron Clad Angels
2. Behold the Face of Your Enemy
3. Master of Depravity
4. The Dragon Reborn
5. We Burn
6. The Noble Beast
7. Peeling Back the Veil
8. Disintegrating Force
9. On Wings of Steel
10. Nothing to Repent


Rob Jalonen Vocals, Guitar
Matt Hodsdon Guitar
Drew Sutphen Bass
David the Wrathchild Drums

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