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No Way
Visions Impossible
April 2005
Released: 2004, Independent
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

No.Way! is a new band out of Germany, and true to form for the country, they play good old fashioned traditional metal with a distinct lean towards power metal. That’s about all the background I can give you, as the band didn’t include a bio and their website is in German, which I don’t read. On to the music…

As I said, No.Way!’s music is very much within the confines of traditional metal with power metal influences. Overall it is OK, but at no point while listening did was I ever truly impressed - the music just kind of pounds away for eight songs without really making an impact. Compounding problems are the generally poor vocals of Georg Marlovics. He tries hard, but he just doesn’t have a good voice for this kind of music – too whiny and unable to really sing with power. I can’t even really pick any standout tracks from the disc, as literally nothing grabbed my attention. I guess some riffs during “Friends Through Fire” and “Stormbringer” had potential but that’s about it.

There might be enough to work with here that No.Way! could improve on subsequent outings, as none of this disc is actually bad, but right now they just don’t impress.
Track Listing

1) Visions Impossible
2) Reality Bites
3) Friends Through Fire
4) Winterdays
5) The Past
6) Stormbringer
7) A Time to Remember
8) Stay Away


Georg Marlovics: Vocals, Guitars
Georg Edelmann: Guitars, Bass, Spoken Words
Ernst Gumprecht: Drums

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