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No Return
Self Mutilation
April 2001
Released: 2001, Listenable
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Hmm…never heard of this French band before. But just looking at the striking album cover, with its blue and green interplay of colors, makes me want to listen! And what’s interesting is No Return have been around since 1989. But then so have Loudblast and no one cares about them either. Anyhow, SELF MUTILATION is an eleven-song, 36-minute brutal thrashfest guaranteed to make you bang your damn head! The music is in the vein of DARKNESS DESCENDS and LEAVE SCARS era Dark Angel, with a touch of The Haunted, and maybe just a few drops of old Loudblast. The songs are pretty fast paced, both from a guitar and drum standpoint, with blast beats thrown in for good measure. And although the songs are rather short, they are packed with riffs and tempo changes to keep things interesting throughout. The guitars sound absolutely perfect for thrash…no detuned bullshit here! But the songs could stand to use more leads. The drums on the other hand sound pretty bad. Didier’s performance is admirable, but the drums sound way too triggered. The vocals remind me of Sepultura’s ARISE album and give the album its slight death metal touch (along with the few blast beats). And although somewhat unoriginal, the vocals fit the music perfectly. Six band members are present in No Return. You got the usual five, and the sixth here is Malko Pouchin doing samples. This addition to the band delivers a different element to your usual thrash, almost bringing in a Fear Factory DEMANUFACTURE element. Overall I am pretty impressed with SELF MUTILATION. It’s by no means a groundbreaking or original album, but its energy and power is too much to resist. This is quality brutal thrash! Check out the following sites for additional information: and
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