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We Are Nitro
June 2011
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Okay, so before you get all excited, this isn’t the Jim Gillette/Michael Angelo Nitro that you’re probably thinking of. This Nitro hails from Turkey, and cranks a brand of East Coast inspired hardcore metal in the vein of Sick of it All and Terror. And while they gleefully embrace every NYHC cliché, there’s something endearing about the way the band does it. Sure it’s a bit campy in spots, but you can’t help but get jazzed at the band’s energy on their debut, WE ARE NITRO.

The 14 tracks are all upbeat and punchy, with enough metallicized bite to appeal to crossover audiences. Tracks like the opening “Suicide Trip,” “Freedoom,” “Tell Me Something” and the anthemic “We Are Nitro” feature heavy fisted riffs with bouncy rhythms, where “Save Me,” “World is Flat” and “Koyun Delisi” have some Sepultura flavored thrash infusion. And then there’s the Oi! punk of “Ben de seni,” “I Just Wanna,” and “Is This the World” that just feel good to listen to. There’s enough diversity on the album to keep things interesting, but they all gel together nicely. Sure, things will sound familiar in spots, but the band’s unabashed love for the genre makes up for it.

The production on WE ARE NITRO complements the tunes well; the mix is clean but the guitars bear enough teeth to really give them a mean and heavy tone. The performance from the band itself is nothing to write home about, but you’re probably not listening to a hardcore album for its technical wizardry. There’s also the occasional questionable English translation; lyrically “Walking in My Old Shoes” doesn’t seem to make much sense (some kind of thrift store purchase gone awry?), but those kind of moments make me like the album even more. That being said, it’s Nitro’s attitude that carries the album across the finish line. If you’ve got any affinity for the NYHC scene, chances are that Nitro will put a smile on your face. Check out the band’s website for more info on WE ARE NITRO.
Track Listing

1. Suicide Trip
2. Kill Him Now
3. Freedoom
4. Ben de seni
5. My Old Shoes
6. I Just Wanna
7. Carry On
8. Tell Me Something
9. Save Me
10. Koyun Delisi
11. Serve it Cold
12. Is This the World
13. We Are Nitro
14. World is Flat


Erdem Capar – Vocals
Emre Manav – Guitar
Burak Ozguney – Bass
Alican Erbas – Drums

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