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Dead Moon Rising
March 2010
Released: 2009, Stormspell Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Named after the Candlemass´ classic 2nd album, and rising out from the ashes of the Ohio-based speed metallers Severe Warning (1982-90), Nitefall recorded 3 demos between 1990-92 before calling it quits during their relatively short career.

Musically Nitefall had a totally different concept going on compared to Severe Warning. The guys´ music fell into sort of a mixture of epic heavy/power/doom metal that contains some hints from other bands like Trouble, Cirith Ungol and Solitude Aeturnus music-wise, for example. In other words, Nitefall´s metal has been bent before by some other bands around, but it does not matter that much after all this trio let their 3 demos do all the talking for them. The guys play really well together, having many good ideas as far as the song structures are concerned - and overall just proving that something good and worthy came out from the ashes of their dead and buried ex-band, Severe Warning.

What I really like about these remastered demos (by Dimitar Dimitrov at Hi-Mastering Studio in 2009), the sound quality in all demos is really good, and the bass sound is amazingly audible, letting us all hear every note Ricky gets out of his 4-stringer. Vocals of ´Ace the Raven´ please very much my ears - and so does David´s solid drum work. Nitefall´s, mostly mid-paced and rather epic heavy/power/doom metal tends to be somehow very captivating, and listening to these 3 demos it really makes me say that it´s a pity that the band´s lifespan only lasted from 1990 to 1992, and they never managed to have any albums out. Their last 4-track demo, JOURNEY INTO TERROR definitely contained their heaviest and most doom-ish orientated songs - and I bet especially Solitude Aeturnus/Trouble/Candlemass fans are really going to dig it.

So let´s cherish Nitefall and their demos a little bit now when they are all available on 1 CD - and coming with a 12-page stapled booklet, band bio, lyrics, archive pics, and some other info. 3 killer, worth listening demos from this killer Ohio metal act. Just get this.
Track Listing

01. Die for Destiny
02. Death Reigns Here Alone
03. On the Edge
04. Black Tomorrow
05. Don’t Break the Seal
06. Desert of Ice
07. Race to the End
08. The Quest
09. Harvester of Souls
10. Red Moon Rising
11. Wings of Fate
12. Time Warp

* Songs 1-4 taken from demo BLACK TOMORROW, recorded in 1990


* Songs 5-8 taken from demo WAITING FOR DARKNESS, recorded in 1991

* Songs 9-12 taken from demo JOURNEY INTO TERROR, recorded in 1992


Mike "Ace the Raven" Kotarski - Vocals & guitar
Rocky DiCarlo - Bass
Dave Fox - Drums

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