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May 2005
Released: 2005, Threeman Recordings
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Looking back in time when European Death Metal started to take its very first firm steps from the depths of the underground Death Metal scene toward the awareness of a massive army of Death Metal lovers all over the world, some of the largest credit undoubtedly belong to the Stockholm-based Death Metal mongers, Nihilist, later to be named, Entombed, as every self-respecting Death Metal fan should know by now. Nihilist created kind of a Death Metal sound back in the day that has been copied by a countless amount of bands from the late ´80s through the 90´s, right up to this very day; a massively crushing and heavy Death Metal sound that was beyond any competition and unmatched for many years. Nihilist´s earlier demos have been circulated in the underground tape trading scene in an immeasurable volume by extreme metal fans – and it´s no surprise to anyone that those demos have become one of the most traded items amongst the underground traders. Because of their huge popularity, bootleggers have unfortunately managed to make a few extra bucks by collecting all these Nihilist´s demos together and releasing them in one package either as a CD – or LP –format.

But FUCK all those bootleggers now because the Entombed –guys´ own label, Threeman Recordings, has probably made one of their wisest moves during the label´s lifespan by releasing all the worn-out Nihilist demos – along with Entombed´s BUT LIFE GOES ON demo from ´89. All official in one nice package, including very well-written liner notes by Ula Gehret (Metal Maniacs/Century Media), full of excellent details about the past years of this ´Swedish Death Metal giant´. In other words, what you are supposed to rot... (!), I mean get, is Nihilist´s PREMATURE AUTOPSY demo from ´88, ONLY SHREDS WILL REMAIN demo from ´88, DROWNED demo from ´89, so-called THE DROWNED SESSIONS from ´89 and BUT LIFE GOES ON demo from ´89 (under ENTOMBED –moniker) – all in the same well-made, neat package. I am damn positive a major part of you Death Metal fanatics know already what to expect from this disc, so I don´t think I need to go into specifics. But for ´newbies of an extreme Metal´not aware of Entombed´s past works under Nihilist –moniker, I suggest to all of you to obtain a copy of this gem IMMEDIATELY (preferably today – you hear me!)!! You see, this very release in question should surely open your eyes a bit more to realize why Nihilist´s (or Entombed´s for that matter) demo releases had such a huge and vast impact on the whole Death Metal scene worldwide. Nihilist were ahead of their time inventing and creating an ironbound sound that was copied by many for years to come – and their influence is still strongly present amongst Death Metal bands of today. I think it´s even very fair to say without Nihilist´s/Entombed´s instant, musically addictive inspiration and influence for the whole Death Metal genre, we would hardly have reached something as this extraordinary special and unique for the Death Metal scene during the past 15 years. Therefore it ain´t any exaggerated overstatement to say Nihilist/Entombed were the true pioneers and sort of an embodiment for the whole European Death Metal sound where it started to develop further and taking new shapes in forms of new Death Metal bands off which a big part of Death Metal bands undoubtedly owed a thing or two to these Swedish masters of an all-mangling ´ten-ton-hammer-heavy´ Death Metal, Nihilist. They were absolutely the first Death Metal band in all of Europe that stamped a sound for themselves that became a very well-known trademark in the whole Death Metal community all around the world; a sound that was easy to love and adore amongst the generations of Death Metal diggers.

“Crushing guitars... Mass Death!!” – that´s exactly what you are gonna get, no more or no less. Now horns up for the greatest exports of the Swedish Death Metal ever, Nihilist/Entombed!
Track Listing

01. Sentenced to Death
02. Supposed to Rot
03. Carnal Leftovers
04. Abnormally Deceased
05. Revel in Flesh
06. Face of Evil
07. Severe Burns
08. When Life Has Ceased
09. Morbid Devourment
10. Radiation Sickness
11. Face of Evil
12. But Life Goes on
13. Shreds of Flesh
14. The Truth Beyond


Mattias – Vocals (on PREMATURE AUTOPSY only!)
L-G Petrov – Vocals (also session vocals on PREMATURE AUTOPSY)
Uffe – Guitar (also session guitar on PREMATURE AUTOPSY)
Alex Hellid – Guitar
Nicke Andersson – Drums
Leffe Cuzner – Bass (on PREMATURE AUTOPSY only!)
Leffe Cuzner – Guitar (on ONLY SHREDS REMAIN only!)
Johnny Hedlund – Bass (on ONLY SHREDS REMAIN only!)

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