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February 2001
Released: 2001, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Before anyone e-mails me saying, “WTF, this is a 2000 release” …well you’re right but the release date for us here in North America was Feb. 6th, 2001. This was released in May 2000 in Finland and immediately went straight to #1 and soon after went gold in Finland! So I just got my copy now. That aside I won’t waste much time giving background on this band because unless you live under a rock you have heard about this Finnish band by now!

Musically, what Nightwish offers is not unlike what you’d hear from a slower version of Stratovarius. But what really sets this apart from the melodic power metal pact are the vocals of the professionally trained opera singer – Tarja Turunen. To some of you this is either going to be the thing that either makes this band for you, or the thing that turns you off. If you don’t love opera vocals to begin with then it will most likely be an acquired taste. I know when I first heard Nightwish a couple years ago my initial reaction was a “what is with this?” After you get over that reaction (if you even have it) it begins to grow on you. Tarja’s powerful voice is something special and with the danger of sounding like a wussy…it’s beautiful! The CD begins with one of the strongest tracks and my personal favorite for the CD, “She Is My Sin.” The CD’s other stand out song is “Wanderlust.” Of course there are many great songs on here (like the awesome title track), it’s just that I keep coming back to these two in my mind after hearing the CD over and over. There are one or two songs on the CD that are not even metal. They are the ones with just vocals and backing keys…yeah the vocals are great, but if it doesn’t have driving guitars and drums it doesn’t do much for me. It’s only because of moments like that that this CD doesn’t get full marks. Regardless, this is some very original power metal that has finally been domestically released.

For something a little different this is worth checking out. Don’t be surprised if it takes you a few listens to develop a stronger liking for this, but once you’re hooked you’ll thank me for recommending it! More information on the band is available on their website at

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