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Eva (single)
June 2007
Released: 2007, Spinefarm Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Since Tarja Turunen was kicked out of Nightwish on October 21st 2005 (after the band's very successful concert in Hartwall Arena in front of 11,500 fanatical Nightwish fans) it raised a lot of suspicious talk and relentless fuss around the band. People wondered if firing Tarja also meant the end of Nightwish because of the important role Tarja´s classically trained and unique voice played in Nightwish. Sure thing, that undoubtedly meant the end of one era, but it also could be said in the very same breath, the beginning of another.

The band went through over 2000 different candidates in the following months until finally they made their official announcement on May 14th 2005 that the new vocalist of Nightwish has been found. She comes from Sweden and was previously a vocalist in a relatively unknown Swedish band called Alyson Avenue (at least for most of us, I believe). The lady named Anette Olzon stepped in from the great shadows to become the new vocalist of Nightwish on that important day.

EVA, the first single from the forth-coming yet-untitled Nightwish album, is Anette´s official so-called ´tour-de-force´ to the whole world to prove how her vocals match up with the music of Nightwish. For my untouchable ears, I would say very well indeed if you simply tried to not compare her voice to Tarja´s vocals too much because both vocalists come from a very different musical worlds. Anette´s vocals sound pretty fragile and very sensitive in "Eva", and she has got a beautiful tone in her voice - and no doubts, she can do these ballad type of songs really well. But singing a ballad is a whole different thing than making people convinced by a whole range of voices that you have. So I guess we need to wait patiently a bit longer ´til we hear the whole outcome of the new Nightwish album before the final cards of judgement are allowed to be laid on the table.

As a ballad "Eva" unfortunately is only so-so. It´s not that bad as one may think at first, but to be honest it doesn´t send cold shivers down your spine either as good ballad songs in general should do. I guess the most important thing is that Anette proves to be a very good singer; so good that she obviously deserves her slot as the new frontwoman of the band. But time will certainly tell about her capability to do more. So, let´s give her a fair chance - all of us. I´m sure we will be much wiser after the new Nightwish album has hit the market on September 16th 2007...

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