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Descent Into Chaos
July 2005
Released: 2005, Century Media
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: MetalGeorge

Nightrage possessed all of the promise to become one of Melodic Death’s “next big thing”, but alas, all of the pedigree and talent in the world can’t seem to help these guys from sounding…well, like everyone else. Even vocalist-for-hire Tomas Lindberg’s trademark hollow tone can’t save these songs from themselves.

It’s not that this is bad music; it’s quite solid, in fact. It’s just that you’ve heard this a million times, and done just as well. It is the fact that there is just so much talent within the individual members, I expect a lot more than what I am getting here. Guitarists Marios Iliopoulos (Exhumation) and Gus G are riff/shred masters, and Fotis Bernardo drives the songs well enough with his tasteful drumming; it is the actual songwriting which proves to be Nightrage’s downfall.

The songs blend into each other with no standout attributes: they just ARE. By the time you’ve reached the halfway point, you’re already wondering when it’s going to end: there are no surprises to be had here whatsoever. The arrangements are filled with quintessential Swedish-styled chord progressions and key changes, it is everything you’ve come to expect, only not coming from WHO you expect.

On it’s own merit, DESCENT INTO CHAOS is a good album. It is catchy, melodic, and aggressive. If it were released by a new act, I would probably be touting them as “a band to watch out for”. The fact that this has been unearthed by true diehards of the scene is what makes it so puzzling. Is this ALL they can come up with, a rehashing of their past? I don’t get it. Sadly enough, I don't think anyone else will, either.
Track Listing

1. Being Nothing
2. Phantasma
3. Poems
4. Descent Into Chaos
5. Frozen
6. Drug
7. Silent Solitude
8. Omen
9. Release
10. Solus (instrumental)
11. Jubilant Cry
12. Reality vs. Truth


Tomas Lindberg-vocals
Marios Iliopoulos-guitars
Gus G.-guitars
Henric Carlsson-bass
Fotis Bernardo-drums



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