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Nightmare World
In The Fullness Of Time
July 2015
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Nightmare World-In The Fullness of Time is the next album across the web for review. This UK band is bringing a glossy melodic prog style to the table. “In The Fullness of Time” is the band’s debut full-length album. “In Memoria Di Me” kicks off the proceedings. There is a nice layer of keyboards already apparent. There is a clean guitar sound on the opening solo. The singer is also very clean. If I didn’t read the Bio I’d think I was listening to an Italian band with the styles present. In Memoria is a nice track. You can feel the band showcasing their chops across the board here. The sound is a little “thinner” than I personally like but it makes this band a little different from its peers on that front. I’m not sure if the sound will create a love affair with the metal fans but I can definitely see the Prog fans swarming over this one already. “The New Crusade” continues the album. This track is faster and you can hear the Prog-influenced drumming right out of the gate. Again, a very clean track. It feels very safe. There is no doubt about any of the talent in the band, though. If I were picking "a single" I'd have to name "No Regrets" as that track. It is thus far the most commercially accessible track of the bunch. I find that as I continue through this album it reveals itself to be more and more progressive in nature. This one is memorable for sure.

The midway point brings us to “Defiance” where everything slows things down to a march. It’s here where I wish the band would have showcased how “deep” and big their sound could be. Although that didn’t happen on this track, they continue to showcase their musicianship. The potential size of the song was kind of lost in the process I think. During the review, I was playing the track “Burden of Proof”. My wife walks into the room and I said what do you think of this track? She said “it reminds me of Queensryche because it’s theatrical”. That, folks, is from a common music fan. It does have that kind of feel to it so she’s not totally off base. I can say that keyboard playing is much more pronounced on this track. Please note that this will be the first (and only) review to feature an American housewife’s opinion. Although I solicited no more input from her I'm sure a person of her ilk would not object to "The Ever Becoming" track. "The Ever Becoming” slows things down to a ballad style crawl. It’s nice and it’s pretty. Pretty. Take that for what you will. I’m not even sure how I take that.

Wrapping up the album we have “Damage Report” which brings things back to a normal speed. This one has a dual-layered chorus line with a clean vocal and underneath is a more Halford style high vocal. The break in the middle is a full-on spacey keyboard led piece. At this point I’m ready to say that whether you like the particular track or not, there’s always something interesting going on with this band. Ending with "Euphoria" left me feeling none in particular, but not every track can be out of this world, right?

All in all this one is a safe and pleasant listen. Metal fans may hate it but I know Prog fans will eat this up without any complaint at all. I’m somewhere in the middle of those two bases. Right now, the band is certainly good enough. It remains to be seen, though, if they can add some beef to their sound to lure more people into their domain.

Review by Chris Marsh
Track Listing

1. The Mara
2. In Memoria Di Me
3. The New Crusade
4. No Regrets
5. Defiance
6. Burden of Proof
7. The Ever Becoming
8. Damage Report
9. Euphoria


Pete Morten –vocals
David Moorcroft –bass
Sam Shuttlewood –guitars
Nick Clarke –keyboards
Billy Jeffs –drums
Joey Cleary –guitars

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