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July 2002
Released: 2002, Regain Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Originally recorded in 1995, Regain Records has re-released this album in 2002. The debut Naglfar album is still going strong. Instead of just singing about satan, evil, death and darkness, like most black metal bands do, Naglfar has taken the lyrics a step further and on this album the lyrics are about ancient northern Swedish mythology. The Norwegian black metal scene has also made this their concept.

This album was recorded in the very famous Abyss studio in 1995 and produced by the well-known producer Peter Tägtgren. Peter also sings backup vocals on three of the songs. The lyrics are written by Jens, Andreas and Kristoffer. Naglfar wrote all the music on the album together. There are only 9 songs on the debut album but on the re-release they added 3 more.

The band is:

Jens Ryden - lead-vocals

Morgan Hansson - guitar

Kristoffer Olivins - bass, back-up vocals

Andreas Nilsson - guitar

Matte Holmgren on drums was only a guest musician for this album.

The music is not so fast all the time because it´s got some metal influences as well. But the vocal sounds just like black metal vocals should sound. Many of the songs are really good. It’s a strong debut album. A few of the songs that shows off a little bit more are “As the twilight birth into right” (with some metal influences and a great acoustic solo in the middle), “Enslave the atral fortress” (slow intro before it sets off), “Through the midnight spheres” (real heavy black metal/metal throughout the song) and the title track “Vittra”. Andreas sings lead vocals and the song is more metal than black-metal.

This is a album for those who like black metal with metal influences and for those who want a bit of different lyrics than the usual black metal stuff. It’s a brilliant debut and as I said earlier, it’s still going strong. I like it a lot.
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