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Darkness Evermore
September 2015
Released: 11 S, 20 Buck Spin
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Sneaking up on the metal world with their critically acclaimed debut album “The Living Ever Mourn”, Nightfell have clearly wasted no time in coming up with their sophomore album “Darkness Evermore”. Back just a year later with this follow-up, fans of this relatively new black/death metal band hailing from the USA will be delighted to know that Nightfell have stayed true to the course they started on with “The Living Ever Mourn”.

Opening up with the monumental track “At Last”, this song is a real whopper, clocking in at over ten minutes. Tiptoeing in on velveteen whispers of a melody, it takes over a minute for the music to gradually swell before the distorted guitars and growled vocals come bursting in. With a sombre, dirge-like tempo, this song has a sludgy feel to it, before steadily increasing the pace and weaving in more sweeping guitar melodies. Fusing in elements of doom, the transitions within and between songs are unpredictable and enthralling, giving each song a distinctive and unique feel to it. With shorter tracks such as “Ritual” and “Eulogy” interspersed between the longer and more epic tracks, Nightfell ensure that the album remains captivating throughout, whilst songs such as “Cleansing” immediately jump out with a fuller sound and macabre twist halfway through, thereby firmly establishing itself as one of the strongpoints of the album. Overall, it can be said that “Darkness Evermore” starts off slowly, getting progressively more brutal and darker as it progresses, with the final track “Collapse” being the final pinnacle of this mountainous climb, with more black metal influences coming to the fore in the guitarwork and vocals.

This is clearly an opus created by seasoned musicians; there are a slew of elements carefully woven into a coherent whole, and the quality of the mixing and recording is also good. However, one critique is that the song structure if fairly standard throughout: each song starts off slowly before picking up the pace. Then halfway through, the song takes a slower and/or more melodic twist before increasing the tempo again. Nevertheless, this is a minor gripe, and the fact remains that this is a strong release that will undoubtedly go a long way in more firmly entrenching this band in the hearts of their fans. If you enjoyed Nightfell’s debut, you’ll definitely love “Darkness Evermore”. And if you haven’t heard of the band at all, then this is unquestionably one to go check out!

Review by Erika Kuenstler
Track Listing

1. At Last
2. Ritual
3. Cleansing
4. Rebirth
5. Eulogy
6. Collapse


Tim Call - Drums, Vocals
Todd Burdette - Vocals, Guitars, Bass

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